GastroMand – food and drinks – for men by men! is a new danish website with recipes and reviews on food and drinks, which I have take part in designing. Besides the design part I am also a contributor.

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Here is a short translated description of the website:

On GastroMand we hate Anne Larsen and her girl talk in the kitchen – in return we love to make and eat good food with flavor and style (with all what that implies), so whatever you’re into homemade hot dog wearing a football shirt in front of the telly or Foie Gras at Fat Duck in London GastroMand is the place. We undertake to be the only place on the web where food and male jargon all comes together!

On GastroMand, we also take pride in providing recipes and reviews in a language that makes you always want to understand what we say, and not least mean, when we give our raw and unsweetened criticism, and “swings the knife” of everything from sausages over Christmas beer to champagne and Denmark’s most expensive (and cheap) restaurants! in your language:

The site does not yet have language support, however the site can be viewed via Google Translate through this link: (english translated)

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