Setup and Use GMail on Your Phone

There is a couple of ways to use GMail on your phone, the two first-mentioned are recommended:

  • Use the GMail application on your mobile, go to on your mobile device’s web browser and download. The application features viewing attachments you receive in messages, including photos, Microsoft Word documents, and PDF files. More info…
  • Use the lightweight GMail on your mobile, go to on your mobile device’s web browser. If you connect your computer to the internet using GPRS on your phone via bluetooth, it might be a good idea to use lightweight GMail to economize some of the expensive data transfer. The normal GMail web application will load over 200KB in the initial load, while the lightweight version loads about 10KB. More info on setting up a internet connection on your computer via bluetooth with a phone.
  • Your phone might have a build in email application on your phone, e.g. the Nokia 6300 has an application that features support for setting up GMail access through POP3.

Additional notes:

– Use Goggle Search on your mobile, go to on your mobile device’s web browser. More info…

– Use Goggle Maps on your mobile, go to on your mobile device’s web browser and download. More info…

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13 Responses to Setup and Use GMail on Your Phone

  1. Steen says:

    I have just used your blog to make my new Nokia 6300 sync with my mac. Thanks.

    I notice that you also talks about the gmail app, which I used to use on my old phone. But on my 6300 I can’t even download it… I get an error “Response unknown”

    Do you have any idea how to overcome this?

  2. Can’t explain the specific error, but I use the Gmail app on my Nokia 6300, and had no problem downloading it.

  3. nokia6300 new owner says:

    When I browse to on my new 6300 I don’t even get a link to download… No idea how to get it installed on my phone, and there’s no direct link for it anywhere I could find

  4. Tom says:

    Thank you for your brilliant insights. You have such a great pool of resources here. Excellent.

    Do you know how one can get the Gmaill app to download onto a Nokia 6300? While it is possbile to download Google Maps the page doesn’t seem to allow the Gmail app to download.

    I had managed to download it onto a 6230i a few months ago but now don’t seem able to download it.

    Is there an alternative approach? Perhaps via SMS or upload from a Mac?

    Thank you.

  5. Tom says:

    This works: using Opera to browse to the gmail site allows you to download the app without any problems.

    The next challenge I am faced with is trying to open emails. While the app lets me log in and list them it still doesn’t seem possible to open them to read.

    If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

  6. John o connor says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for your help on syncing my 6300 onto my mac, got it sorted after reading your blog. Do you know is it possible to sync my text messages as well…..confused. thanks

  7. Umaru says:

    I downloaded gmail applicatiom to my Nokia 6300 but i cant access my mail through d application.

  8. rishi says:

    hey man,
    the gmail in my nokia 6300 is a trash.I downloaded it but it is not opening.

  9. BledBajrami says:

    I would like to use it in my blackberry storm

  10. Dayanand says:

    Hai, i am using Alfatel H1 model phone. But i don’t know how to use mgmail in my phone and also whether my phone has support the application

  11. hitesh says:

    hey man,
    I downloaded gmail in my nokia 2700 clasic mobile but it give error “this program requires a data connection.Please contact your carrier or visit the Gmail Mobile faq on your computer for more info”

    My other application working properly,Please tell me the answer

  12. jonathan says:

    i would like to setup my email will you please help me to setup my email

  13. reuben says:

    i unistalled nokia mesaging from my phone then installed it again but refuses to synchronise with my email pliz help

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