Setup Internet Connection via Bluetooth using Nokia 6300 on Mac OS X

Nokia 6300Here is a brief introduction on how to setup a GPRS internet connection on the Nokia 6300 via bluetooth (or another nokia phone for the matter).

Follow the steps bellow, and it might just work out for you.

  1. First of all you must have a working GPRS configuration on the phone from your network operator. My danish operator allows me to order the configuration for the Nokia 6300 from their website, then it is sent directly to the phone, where it is saved.
  2. Enable bluetooth on the phone.
  3. Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant on your Mac.
  4. Press Continue.
  5. Choose Mobile phone and press Continue.
  6. When your Mac has found your phone, choose it and press Continue.
  7. When your Mac has gathered information about your device press Continue.
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  9. To allow bluetooth connection, you are given a random passkey to enter on the phone to accept the connection between the computer and the phone.
  10. Check the Access the internet with your phone’s data connection option and choose Use direct, higher speed connection to reach your Internet service Provider (GPRS, 1xRTT), and press Continue.
  11. For my phone network operator I do not need to fill ind the username and password, but the field GPRS CID String must be given a value according to GPRS configuration on the phone, I used *99***1#, as Modem Script the standard Nokia Infrared works.
  12. Now the setup is finished, and it should be possible to connect to the internet through the phone.
  13. Click on the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and select Join Network on your-phone, and you should be happy surfing through a very slow internet connection.
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57 Responses to Setup Internet Connection via Bluetooth using Nokia 6300 on Mac OS X

  1. Frank says:

    Good morning Klaus
    I’ve performed setup as explained, and IT WORKS now. What was wrong in previous setups was to give a username which was my operator name.
    Thanks again for being so helpfull.

  2. Stephen says:


    I followed the instructions and everything went fine. However I can’t find where it says ‘Join network on (your-phone)’. I assumed from your advice it would appear along with the items Turn bluetooth off, Discoverable, Set up bluetooth device, Send File, Browse device and Open bluetooth prefs when I click on the bluetooth icon – but it’s not there.

    The devices seemed to sync fine and I can access my phone via browse device etc.

    Please can you offer any help?

  3. rasmus says:

    I had the same problem. I could not find “join network”. It is under the phone icon on the top right of your screen, not under the bluetooth icon.

  4. That’s odd at my Mac “join network on …” is shown under the bluetooth icon, wonder what makes the difference.

  5. Justin says:

    Any idea if the opposite could be achieved? I’d love to be able to recieve a bluetooth connection from my mac to browse the internet from the 6300 without paying hefty bandwidth fees…

  6. Tom says:

    Need this or windows XP pro anyhelp??

  7. Ermal says:

    i have a toshiba satelite laptop, and i have a bluetooth device to send items to my cell phone, but how can i connect my nokia 6300 to the internet. i live in Kosovo so i think thats why, can anyone help.

  8. Keith Wylie says:


    Mate you are a champion, the connection worked an absolute treat on OS 10.5.


  9. nina says:

    i’ve been trying to connect to the internet using my 6300 on my mac with a usb cable. i already configured the settings (by using tel *99# and nokia infrared as modem) on my mobile and systems preference on my mac but it still won’t connect.

    hope you can help me on this.

  10. Dave Mack says:

    I have found that when i sync to my mac G5 Tiger information changed on my phone will not transfer back to address book and an error message indicating that information cannot be recieved from device and sync fails. Have you any ideas

    Many thanks

  11. elena says:

    The devices seemed to sync wrong and I can’t access my phone via browse device

  12. Uwe says:

    Perfect Work! Combination of Mac iBook G3/900 mit Nokia 6300! Thanks a lot !

  13. jummy says:

    I have use it i enjoy it
    Thanks soooooo much

  14. Thaha says:

    am using nokia 6300 mobile phone handset in my system sun solaris 10 version operating system software am using i want to know about how to use the nokia6300 mobile software using in the solaris os i want to using cable to use the gprs internet connection to usin where get the software for that os and where i get the driver for the nokia cable to usasge ? …………………………. sent me reply soon for my mail thank you….bye

  15. Samuel says:

    How can I configure an internet connection for Acer Extensa 4220 (Win XP) with Nokia 6300 via bluetooth? The laptop does not have the empowering technology software it came with. Kindly assist.

  16. tobine says:

    how can i connect to the internet using my gprs phone as a modem without subscribing wap service from my service provider

  17. Innocent says:

    How do I configure my laptop for internet connection using my gprs phone as modem?

  18. Hazel says:

    It works perfectly! Amazing.. My network provider kept saying they can’t make it work, but I knew it was possible, thanks for posting this! And by the way, “Join Network on…” appears under my Bluetooth icon and not the phone icon.

  19. mahamoud says:

    hello i request to send me the information how can i using internet in my mobile please help thanks

  20. kiki says:

    Great tips, it works! Thanks.

  21. FRANCIS says:

    I need to configure my pc with help of phone so that i can access internet i am use Nigeria Glo Line. thanks so your help

    Here is my

  22. matthew says:

    i want to know if the connection work directly with the internet and also if the ISP telecom company charge for using their service.

  23. NIKHIL RAJ says:

    How can i get internet connection via nokia 6300 in my PC? Which are the steps following for this? and i have an idea connection. Is there is any need to register it for internet?

  24. Michael says:

    Thank you. I have just followed the steps and am able send and receive email through Entourage but I can’t Safari or Firefox to work. I am using OSX 10.5 and a Nokia 6300. Both browsers work fine with my wireless connections. Any help on this greatly appreciated.

  25. Folorunso says:

    Pls.i wish to know how i can connect my computer with internet using my china phone model F698 as modem.THANK U.

  26. JAH BLESS says:

    It works,i am very happy

  27. Ndifon Rolland looh says:

    I have gone through all the info on the page but i will like to contact with the vendor might be online.

  28. Ibrahim-Sorie Yansaneh says:

    I like it

  29. Adebayo says:

    I want to know how i can connect my phone to computer to gprs

  30. lawrence says:

    Please i wnt kno hw 2 connect my phone to my desktop computer dat has an external bluetooth.

  31. Jack says:

    i have a mac and i was tinkering with it and i found that you can connect it to my phone via bluetooth for internet. is this only for smart phones that have internet on their plan, or can any plan use this. and does this use minutes?

  32. LEONARD TERER says:


    I have been trying to connect to the internet in my phone nokia 6300 but the message i receive is that no reply path

  33. nickson says:

    plz can u teaching how to configure my pc with my gsm phone i am using MTN Nigeria. Thanks

  34. FLORENCE says:

    please how can i configure my mobile phone (1650)and connect my phone to GPRS.

  35. emeka says:

    How to configer my computer

  36. Himanshu Sonker says:

    Can u tell a steps n confrigation setting to make internet connection in pc through bluetooth phone[airtel n idea user].

  37. Glutexo says:

    I would just like to add, that on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 you have to go through the „Add new Bluetooth device“ for every Network profile you have (if you use multiple), even if it seems configured, because if you don’t, the phone will refuse to connect (won’t even go to the authentication phase).



  39. den says:

    Hi, first of all thx for your efort.
    Some remark.

    (Leo 10.5.5 Sony VAIO FS + Nokia 6300 data+inet USB)

    I spend so much time to find usb solution for my 6300.
    Simply i need get files from my phone and of course internet connection. So, no prob with data loading when i plug phone to usb (no bluetooth on vaio), osx plugs it with default usb kext. But no plugins help me establish connect with the gprs via usb and sync it with the isync.

    So, as for me more suitable to use pppd commands from terminal to /dev/cu.usbmodem device.

    May be it helps somebody:

    #cat /etc/ppp/peers/life
    connect /etc/ppp/chat/life-chat

    # cat /etc/ppp/chat/life-chat

    /usr/sbin/chat -vse \
    TIMEOUT 3 \
    ” ‘AT+CGDCONT=,,\”internet”‘ \
    SAY ‘ + calling… \n’ \
    ” ATD’*99***1#’ \

    #pppd call life

    Thats all. Change some to your specific and go. You will get connection with ip address for your ppp interface and two dns servers to your resolv.conf


  40. Mark says:

    I also setup local bluetooth network connection. In my case a Windows machine. During connection the G icon is enabled permanently on the phone.

    But BE AWARE. I run a web server, and checked access logs. I discovered that the IP is from my phone operator and NOT a local one!!!! So in the end the phone operator will still charge you?

  41. den says:

    u are right.
    If in pppd conf u set default route string u will get def route to operator network and all packets will send to cell network.
    In my case i have enabled internet service for my cell number and this script exactly to use inet from gprs, so no charge in the end.

    So, depend ur needs u need to setup ppp setting and routing.

  42. Kris says:

    I have a problem :( I did all you said but then when i click on “Join network …” it connects and disconnects :( Can anyone help me?

  43. Parag says:

    Kindly tell me I do have Nokia 6300 & I want to connect it through USB Cable and want access Internet
    through GPRS on my laptop.
    Let me know the entire Procedure.
    Hope you will help me.
    In same manner I do have iPhone 2G, wants to do the same on my laptop.

  44. Aisgat says:

    pls can anyone send me to connect my nokia3110 to my window xp computer using usb cable as a modem?thankz

  45. Stanislav Lovetski says:

    i made all steps and it seams that all went right. However each time i try to click on Join Network on Nokia 6300 i have a msg Bluetooth network failed
    any suggestions ?
    thank you in advance

  46. Baas says:

    It didn’t work for me the first time. After that I contacted T-mobile and they advised me to enter *99# as APN number. I didn’t enter a username or password et presto: It worked! (They also advised me to use tmobile as username as well as password in case the first solution didn’t work.)

    I used the bluetooth setup options as described in the article.

  47. Harpreet Singh says:

    Can i use Sony Erricsson bluetooth device with my NOKIA 6300??????

  48. james safari says:

    hi i bought a phone 6300 form china but bought it in kenya. i cant connect to the internet through my local subscriber here what they say is that this type of phone does not connect.please i like the phone and want to use it.but not without an internet.please help.

  49. Mahmud Chowdhury Shubhra says:

    my mobile set is vodafone 716 china(bluetooth active). i want to access internet through my pc dial up internet connection.
    i want the procedure. is it possible? how?
    thank U.

  50. Mahmud Chowdhury Shubhra says:

    my mobile set is vodafone 716 china(bluetooth active & data cable). i want to access internet through my pc dial up internet connection.
    i want the procedure. is it possible? how?
    thank U.

  51. justinpmathew says:

    i can’t acces the internet connection via mobile ph..the browsing is provided with the there any way to connect to the pc using any software.

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  54. Miguel says:

    I have instaled the plugin in a folder call Phones, but I cannot syncronize it. Maybe it is because I have another mobile phone I have used for syncronization and it is not possible to syncronize two mobiles at the same time.


  55. SUNNY says:

    hey i m using nokia this setting wil also be useful for my handset?

  56. abid says:

    when i want to on bluetooth of nokia 6300. it was not ON/OFF

  57. uzair jan says:

    i have nokia 6300 v07.21 is it possible to run .sis file if
    i updated from v07.21 to newer version

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