Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

This page is a discussion forum for new firmware updates for the Nokia 6300 from the version 5.00 and forth software releases. The version 5.00 firmware update introduced an issue, namely, that the feature of toggling the silent-profile by pressing and holding the #-key disappeared. Updating to the newer version 5.50 of the Nokia 6300 firmware, however, solved this problem together with the following software updates:

  • The Call Log – the list of missed calls, received calls, and dialled numbers – have been updated with new icons that are easier to see and comprehend, and slightly more colorful.
  • The option of enabling navigation key icons on the background showing which applications are available from the four direction in the navigation key (this might not be a new feature, however I have not seen it before I think)
  • The bluetooth menu seems to be improved a bit.

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Please follow the comments discussion to gain insights on the newest software releases for the Nokia 6300.

Nokia Software Updater

Just to remember, checking the current software version on the phone is done by entering the following code: *#0000#, and checking the newest available version of the Nokia phone software can be done at this Nokia site. Doing the last mentioned will also provide a link to the specific phone product software, else just download the Nokia Software Updater to update the phone.

Since I wrote this post newer versions of the Nokia 6300 firmware has been released, and different people have been very nice to follow up and describe the content of these updates in their comments. I, on the contrary, have moved on the real deal – the iPhone, and because I no longer own a Nokia 6300, I will no longer be able to bring updates on the Nokia 6300. However, I hope that you people will continue commenting on the future updates for the Nokia 6300.

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