Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

This page is a discussion forum for new firmware updates for the Nokia 6300 from the version 5.00 and forth software releases. The version 5.00 firmware update introduced an issue, namely, that the feature of toggling the silent-profile by pressing and holding the #-key disappeared. Updating to the newer version 5.50 of the Nokia 6300 firmware, however, solved this problem together with the following software updates:

  • The Call Log – the list of missed calls, received calls, and dialled numbers – have been updated with new icons that are easier to see and comprehend, and slightly more colorful.
  • The option of enabling navigation key icons on the background showing which applications are available from the four direction in the navigation key (this might not be a new feature, however I have not seen it before I think)
  • The bluetooth menu seems to be improved a bit.

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Please follow the comments discussion to gain insights on the newest software releases for the Nokia 6300.

Nokia Software Updater

Just to remember, checking the current software version on the phone is done by entering the following code: *#0000#, and checking the newest available version of the Nokia phone software can be done at this Nokia site. Doing the last mentioned will also provide a link to the specific phone product software, else just download the Nokia Software Updater to update the phone.

Since I wrote this post newer versions of the Nokia 6300 firmware has been released, and different people have been very nice to follow up and describe the content of these updates in their comments. I, on the contrary, have moved on the real deal – the iPhone, and because I no longer own a Nokia 6300, I will no longer be able to bring updates on the Nokia 6300. However, I hope that you people will continue commenting on the future updates for the Nokia 6300.

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290 Responses to Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

  1. crayxmp says:

    @Metal Mario

    Mate, you can get those codes anywhere on the net, i am too lazy to type them. However if ya cant get hold of it then holler and i shall jot them down. Regarding the BB5 unlocking read this:-

    “In May 2007, an engineer named Dejan Kaljevic from Serbia (who earned his fame from the free DCT-3 and DCT-4 unlocking solutions), has released a free program which can unlock many of the older Nokia BB5 phones such as the Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681 and the Nokia N70. There were reports for other models include the Nokia E60, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N93, but was deemed to be fake, since the unlocker only supports older BB5 models. This is easily done by the end-user through the phone’s Pop-port connecting a legacy FBus compatible cable such as DKU-5, to a computer running his unlocking software package. Since then, commercial unlocking solutions have been offered by some others along with successful claims on some newer Nokia BB5 phones as well.

    In July 2007, Kaljevic released the instructions and schematics to build a hardware solution for unlocking the Nokia N95. However, it is not designed for end-users, since it requires more advanced knowledge in electronics and soldering skills to accomplish.

    In August 2008, Kaljevic released a full unlock box for newer BB5 handsets that doesn’t require any soldering.”

    Yes thats a hardware limitation as far as i know – i have already posted the best conversion rates for Nokia 6300 (a result of the time old try-until-you-die formula!). Just check one of my posts above! And this is in no way the ultimate specification – may be you can do better & help us all!

  2. MetalMario says:

    @ crazyxmp
    Yeah I know, don’t you think I’ve searched before?
    I mean FREE unlocking, and no I don’t own a DKU-5 cable, it’s too hard to get it from here and it wouldn’t be free at all you know. Pay for cable, importation taxes etc etc…
    I have Dejan’s software but it gets stuck. BTW I noticed that Nokia 6300 has a miniusb to USB cable, and the DKu-5 has another type of connection. True?

  3. crayxmp says:


    Never doubting your ability mate, will post the codes ASAP! And you are right about the port differences between Nokia 6300 & others. The only option left before you is to flash the phone with Phoenix. Maybe it can be done with a miniUSB port. But Xsever is the best person to tell you all about it. He has done quite some research into this, ask him!

  4. crayxmp says:

    Here You go (You might already have this so just ignore it if its a repost of what you know!)

    #pw+(master code)+Y#
    This code is able to check, activate or remove Sim card restriction (SP-lock).
    Use the * key to get the p, + and w chars.
    ‘Y’ has to be 1,2,3 or 4 – depending of what lock you what to deal with.

    #pw+1234567890+1# for Provider-Lock status
    #pw+1234567890+2# for Network-Lock status
    #pw+1234567890+3# for Country-Lock status
    #pw+1234567890+4# for SimCard-Lock status

    + = PRESS “*” TWO TIMES MASTERCODE = 1234567890
    Y = NUMBER 1 TO 4

    (master code) is a 10 digit code, based on the phones IMEI number.
    (I can NOT give you the master code – SO DON’T ASK ME FOR IT !!!!!!!)
    Eg. To remove restriction on lock 1 type following code:
    #pw+(master code)+1#
    If you just want to check your phone use 10 random numbers Eg. 1234567890 as the (master code)
    eg. To check if phone if restricted on lock 1 type the following code:

  5. Xsever says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have been reading about the unlocking discussions that have been going around. Unfortunately for you, my phone came unlocked so I did not have to look into unlocking it. I have read some things about Phoenix and the installation process seems a bit unorganized. It is not worth it for me, but I would try it if my phone was locked.

    When I try the codes crayxmp provided, I get “Code Error”. No idea why. Maybe someone can tell me why.

    Other than that, all I have been looking for is a software that can make the same modifications Diego does to other older S40 Nokia phones. If anyone knows anything, please share it with us.

    Thanks boys,

  6. Zaeem25 says:

    Hi everyone.. some please tell me if it’s worth updating from v6.01 to 7.21? And will SnakeIII work again??? Thanks!

  7. MetalMario says:

    So I want to do that?
    Will Phoenix give me those codes?
    I’m sure as hell that someone told me simlocks couldn’t be given by IMEI, correct me if I’m wrong.

    So what’s with the codes?

    You got code error becasue yours is already locked.

    In my case that could be a sign of tries. You know you got 5 chances to input the correct code, after that it gets even more locked LOL

  8. Xsever says:

    I am getting code error, but my phone is unlocked. It was an Orange branded phone before, but now it is not. I have tried multiple sim cards in it and they all worked perfectly.

    Maybe you meant “You got code error becasue yours is already UNlocked.”

  9. MetalMario says:

    Yeah that’s what I meant… Sorry dude. LOL
    How do you unlocked it???
    Took it to Orange to make the unlocking?

  10. Xsever says:

    I bought my phone from ebay. It came unlocked so I did not have to worry about it. The phone was a UK Orange phone. I now use it on my provider’s network (Rogers) in Canada.

  11. kajondezaztre says:

    I wanted to ask you a couple of questions :

    Do you know if there exists a page or place to request firmware improvements ?

    I usually listen long (40-50 min) podcasts on my phone but when an alarm starts the nokia player doesn’t pause but stops and i have no way to “fast forward” faster. There’s no way to play at an specific minute or second with nokia player. Besides you can’t browse to an specific song of your memory car from the nokia player to play it in the background.

    I tried KD player but i couldn’t find a signed jar to avoid the midlet’s security prompt when it does a read/write access.By the way… Do you know if it’s possible to erradicate midlet’s security prompt on the phone?

    Thanks in advance

  12. crayxmp says:

    @kajondezaztre – Mate, you sure ask many questions!
    Well, lemme try to answer them:-

    1) There exists the official Nokia discussion forum where you can ask for firmware improvements. The effectiveness of this task is zilch according to some members ! ;-)

    2) When i play videos and get a call in between, the video stops & starts from the beginning – there is no auto pause function available at least till V7.00 – I think you refer to the same problem experienced during interrupted podcasts. Although the FF is slow there is a way to play videos from a specific point – just go to Media Player – FF/Rew interval and set time gap to the point from where you want to play the video. Next go to the video – start play and press the navigator key to right side for FF. Be warned that if you have selected a long duration then it might take some time for the video to play! In fact you might even be thinking that your phone has hanged!

    I am not sure what you are trying to say about the background music play – 0f course you can play music in background while the phone is on the main display or even locked – and you can change the song without switching to the Music Player by simply pressing the Mic key on your headphone (if plugged).

    3) There is a way to turn of the security midlet prompt or sign the application but i am not sure whether it carries a 100 % guarantee (Plus i am too lazy to write it down!) Check for it , if you fail to find it then drop by and give a yell!

  13. kajondezaztre says:


    First of all thanks again for your answers. These are mines…

    1) Maybe i’ll try to post it… thanks any way

    2) I expressed myself badly. My comment was regarding to the music player not the video player. There is no way to set the forward gap in the music player as you can do it in the video player and as you said, FF is too slow…. not progressive like in “KD player”

    3) I must say i found something. But i didn’t test it. Have a look at

  14. Bosley says:

    i need the update fireware for my nokia 6300

  15. Stefano Gatto says:

    Nokia PC Suite was notifying me all the time that I could update the firmware of my 6300 from 6.xx to 7.00, provided I first backed up my data.
    So i did execute this advice: I backed up my data in a disk file on my PC, upgraded the firmware and tried to restore my data.
    However the restoration failed. I cannot restore about one half of my contacts as well as all of my settings. I called the support and they told me to restore the file on an older phone and restore it through Outlook, which I am not using btw.
    Given this very bad experience, i have one thing in mind: Next time I choose a phone I’ll also enquiry on software reliability. This is often disregarded, but it is actually an important criteria to evaluate a phone. People around me have iPhones and never had issues like this.

  16. Xsever says:

    @ Stefano Gatto

    I totally understand how you feel. Did you have the latest version? Was your computer running stable? Getting a corrupted backup file is really messy. I always back up through the software, and then copy and paste everything manually just to make sure.

    You should always have a plan B since your data is that important.

    Try resetting the phone’s software or update the PC suite to the latest version.

  17. Xsever says:

    Update to 7.21 yesterday. I think it now available in North America through Nokia Software Updater. Have not noticed anything major.

  18. crayxmp says:

    Hmm… i checked and its available for me too now! Will upgrade and post results ASAP. Meanwhile – Xsever is first!

  19. charlie says:

    guys how can i view my nokia 6300 code?
    can any one teach me how? thnx my version and v 6.60 i want to improve it plss teach me mail me ur answer thnx

  20. mohammed says:

    hello i was wondering where can i get firmware update 5.50.i have the same problem with the # key not changing to silent mode when i press it.thank you

  21. xuthus says:

    To sign any midlet you can use 2 tools – MobiMB (to copy custom certificate) and BeHappy (to sign your midlet with that certificate).

  22. MetalMario says:

    @ Charlie

    Read the posts above!!!
    Download the Nemesis Service Suit and google it!
    You’ll fins step by step instructions on how to do it.
    It’s not that hard.

  23. Tony says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’ll be a little bit off the topic with my question, although it’s related to N6300. :D So, does anyone of you know how to change the operator logo?

    By default, as a operator logo I have the “operator name” and the “operator logo” option in the “display settings” is deactivated. Is there a PC software or somethin’ that could be of help fixin’ this issue?

    thanx! :)

  24. Xsever says:

    @ xuthus

    Did you mention MobiMB and BeHappy to reply to “mohammed” question? Is this a solution to bring the silent feature back with the start key? If it is, please tell us more about. If not, then what do those 2 midlets specifically do?


    I do not even have an option called “operator logo” under “display” in my Nokia 6300. I can read my operator’s name on the phone’s desktop. That’s all.

  25. crayxmp says:


    I think he is referring to application signing so that the application doesnt require security permission everytime it is run.


    Although i have the option its disabled because i think my SIM doesnt carry the operator logo. Maybe the new 32K SIMs carry their operator logo. I read somewhere that there’s a code to disable it. Try Google though!

    V7.21—> Either i am losing my edge or Nokia is playing the “The King has no clothes” drama for us! I mean i cant find one damn improvement in the firmware update! I know 7 days and 01 mobile might be a little less for exploring but still i should have atleast found one change. If its at the sub-conscious level then i dont know!

  26. Jith says:

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my 6300 phone. Whenever I connect the handsfree, it says the device is not recognized. Any idea why this is happening. I have connected a genuine nokia headphone.

  27. mahen says:

    hey…can someone please comment on the battery life with the new v7.21 firmware?

  28. Tony says:

    I didn’t notice any improvements, although I installed the v7.21 since December last year. I can use my phone round about two and a half days, with 20-30 minutes talkin’ per day.

  29. someone says:

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 7.00 to version 7.21

    * General improvements for Java implementation
    * MIDlet versions updated
    * Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 6.60 to version 7.00

    * Support for a new memory component
    * Menu help text presentation optimized
    * MIDlet versions updated
    * Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 6.01 to version 6.60

    * Support for a new memory component
    * Camera’s zoom functionality adjusted
    * “Dialled” used instead of “Dialed” in the Call Timers menu
    * FM radio auto tuning optimised
    * Compatibility with certain WAP pages improved
    * The voice recorder volume tuning adjusted for the recorded voice clips
    * The alignment of the navigation key icons corrected for Hebrew UI
    * Date and time are now visible in the screen saver
    * Improvements for the Java MIDlet registry
    * MIDlet versions updated
    * Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 5.50 to version 6.01

    * Default year changed to 2008
    * MIDlet versions updated
    * Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when SIM-card swapped (SW05.50 > 06.01)
    * Improvements for using the radio as an alarm sound with the alarm clock
    * Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when the SW is updated by using NSU.
    * Bluetooth headset functionalities improved
    * Bluetooth carkit functionality improved
    * Corrections for the text localizations in the menu
    * Updates in the dictionary
    * MyFaves scrolling functionality improved
    * Improvements in the ALS functionality
    * Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 5.00 to v 5.50

    * Restore Factory Settings command restores also variant settings
    * Yahoo Go application added
    * Copying contacts to phone memory also possible when security level is set to “phone”
    * Play list improved in Music Player
    * FM radio auto tuning improved
    * WAP browsing in certain pages improved
    * Compatibility with a Bluetooth car kit improved
    * UA-Prof URL updated
    * Voice recorder playback volume adjusted
    * Support for new components
    * Combo memory
    * Power management chip
    * HW accelerator
    * FM Radio
    * Preinstalled MIDlets updated
    * Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 4.71 to v 5.00

    * DRM protected content bigger than 600 kB is possible to download via Java
    * WAP browsing over CSD improved
    * Viewfinder in video mode improved
    * It is possible to login to sites with passwords that start with a number
    * Improved playing of MP4 and video/3gpp video files wrapped in DRM MIME type
    * “NoResp” command handling improved with SyncML
    * Streaming improved when MMS received at the same time
    * Playing svg-file improved
    * Quality of Nokia tune ringing tone improved on volume level 5
    * Preinstalled MIDlet versions updated
    * Operator name list updated

  30. Nitin Ghate says:

    hi, i have done the process of nokia software downloader. then i Install this software in my pc but during the installation i have face the error. the error is the system cant find spesified.

    so please tell me what can I do?

    i want to update my nokia 6300 Phone firmware. Please help me!

  31. crayxmp says:

    @Nitin Ghate

    Please check the system requirements of your PC for NSU. In absence of specific error information i cannot guide you further!

  32. NEED HELP !!! says:

    Is it possible to turn off the internet connection on a nokia 6300 ????
    Please, help !

  33. phransys says:

    just like “crayxmp said “Nokia is playing the “The King has no clothes” drama on us”. i too can’t find any improvement on my nokia 6300 since mu upgrade to the new v7.21 firmware. i was expecting my OperaMini to start working after the upgrade, but it still doesn’t. does anyone please know how i can make my OperaMini to work on my nokia 6300. your help will be dearly appreciated

  34. Lhadi says:

    Hello, I seek a flash original for my Nokia 6300 :

    -Type : RM-217
    -Mode : 6300
    -IC : 661U-RM217
    -Fcc ID : PPIRM-217 0551508
    MADE IN HUNGARY 352042/02/608364/8

  35. dipen says:

    how could i update my nokia 6300?

  36. Leo says:

    i have a 6300b rm-222 how can i update it…. can i update it to a normal 6300 update? Is it recomended to update? (i dont care about the warranty)

  37. fikri says:

    Hei, its Suck to my phone 6300, its very Slowly to Update. Plisssss Help me!!!!!????????

  38. Leo says:

    when i press #0000# it says that i have a rm 217 buy at the back of the phone it says that it rm 222 WEIRD

    Which one is the best firware to flash? Is it ok if i change from rm 217 to rm 222?

  39. sadun says:

    do u know how to remove the voice recording beep on my nokia 6300 phone?

  40. chathura says:

    my phone can only run java aplications lesser than 1 MB size.I want to run a 1.2 MB size java aplication on my nokia to do this?
    my current software version is 5

  41. raghu says:

    yes, i don,t regarding update now i have update 7.21 yah it’s good sound camera etc

  42. Benny says:

    Hello !

    I have a Nokia 6300b (Canadian, RM-222) which was unlocked and FW updated from v4.71 to v5.5 (now shows RM-217). How can I upgrade to FW 7.01 or even 7.21 ?

    When I run the Nokia software upgrader, I get a message saying that my provider does not approve the update and I am stuck.

    Any ideas ?

  43. Xsever says:

    @ Benny,

    Altought the phone is unlocked, it still has the provider’s code somewhere in its firmware. This is why NSU cannot update it.

    There is a fix for this, but it is very complicated and risky. I tried it once and it bricked my phone. I had to send it back to Nokia under warranty.

    I would wait or contact the provider and ask them when they will release the update.

  44. crayxmp says:

    @Xsever – Long time mate!!

    @Benny – X is right, although i dont know this part well coz in our region generally phones are not locked with the provider. You can always try flashing but its the last resort. I too have heard of the fix but wont recommend it unless you get a pro to do it and take the guarantee!

    @chathura – Yup, there’s a 1MB restriction for java files or else the phone memory might crash. There might be a workaround to this but what exactly is the application? If its a book converted into a jar file then u can always split it…

    @sadun – i am afraid that’s an inbuilt feature in accordance with the privacy rights of individuals as understood by Nokia. And i dont think any third party software for this purpose is available for S40 Phones.

    Leo – as far as i can guess, software changes for different regions happen at different times. Must be something to do with region specific customizations. Mine is v7.21 with RM 217 (05-11-2008). Never had a chance with RM-222 so no comments!

  45. dipen says:

    i have no pc cd of nokia 6300
    now i need that pc cd how to i get?
    here this place have no cd for buy i need down load plz plz help me

  46. dipen says:

    how can i block number which one number is always distrub me what to do plz send me any idea

  47. dipen says:

    i need antivirus for my nokia 6300 i search all website but all r only rar or sis file
    i need jar file in my mobile only support jar file

  48. kemo says:

    i got the nokia 6300 and the themes wont work on it.
    what am i supposed to do to fix this problem?. it says theme corrupted wont open.

  49. MetalMario says:

    It’s been a long time…
    @kemo ahve you visited

    tons of themes specifically made for your Nokia 6300, if they were made for another model you might get the “corrupted theme” warning.

    Has any other Update been released???

  50. Xsever says:

    @ crayxmp

    Yeah mate. Long time! I guess no new updates! :D

    It seems 7.21 was the last update. With the new 6700, I guess the support for 6300 is dying.

    Anyway, I got a black cover for mine and it looks really good. I had to get it because my phone fell from a 10m height. But rest assured, the damage was only to the cover. The phone still runs perfectly! One hell of a solid phone the 6300 is.

  51. MetalMario says:


    Where did you get that?
    In Mexico is hard as hell trying to find one. Mine has fell so many times that the screen looks all blurry now… -but still working 100% fine!
    Oh in Mexico we don’t have that cell but looks kinda cute (6700) I’m hoping that someday BB5 release codes will be available for free…

  52. Xsever says:

    I got the cover and the keypad from Ebay. Very Cheap!

  53. MetalMario says:

    I’m about to get one of those Balck covers… it looks so great thta I can’t wait for it to arrive.

    I’m also buying a new battery because mine lasts less than 2 days now…

    Nokia 6300 RULES!!!

  54. MetalMario says:

    There you go. My Nokia 6300 has been offical pimped. LOL It’s all black with new keyboard and screen. Looks so fucking amazing

  55. johny says:

    hei v7.30 is out saw it @

    anybody can confirm this & its improvement

  56. Xsever says:

    Hello johny,

    The update is not offered to me yet. I am still on 7.21.

    I found on that page you sent me the following changelog notes for 7.30:

    “* Software is currently (16th Aug 2009) available only for some product codes via the Nokia Software Update service
    * Default year changed to 2009
    * Operator name list updated”

  57. sebus says:

    RM-217 Phone Data Package 9.00 Installation
    AMS Phoenix release 2008.34.006.35199 or newer is required.
    This major data package (DP) indroduces sales software mcuSW7.30 for
    N6300 RM-217 in EUROPE, APAC and CHINA

    0515747 RM-217 6300 APAC-R, Stroke_blksilver, CTV_CN
    0537625 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR TURKEY, Latin, blksilver
    0554163 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR, Latin, red
    0554169 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR, Latin, white
    0554513 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR TURKEY, Latin, All Black
    0557624 RM-217 6300 EURO-B ORANGE PL SILVER
    0557625 RM-217 6300 EURO-B ORANGE PL RED
    0559234 RM-217 6300 APAC-R, Stroke, CTV_CN, All Black
    0561644 RM-217 6300 EURO-B ORANGE PL ALLB
    0563698 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR, Latin, Gold
    0563699 RM-217 6300 EURO-C TR, Latin, Choco
    0571010 RM-217 6300 CHINA-R CHOCO STROKE CTV_CN

  58. KHAYREDDINE says:

    i need RPL FOR NOKIA 6300

  59. dipen says:

    i have Nokia 5800 music express. in this mobile why not support themes and sis files??? i think sis file sould be work but not working this time what to do??? plz help me ……and which file themes support in my nokia 5800 music express plz plz plz send me any idea….

  60. dipen says:

    i have also nokia 6300 i have no nokia pc cd then how to get that pc cd to download plz plzplz plpzl pzl help me ……..

  61. Nikolay says:

    Please tell me how update nokia 6300 v 04.20? This version don’t want to be updated via USB

  62. Nico says:


    While using wammu on linux with my nokia 6300 via bluetooth, I tried to create a new task in the todo list using wammu and it failed. My Phone freezed and wammu too. I rebooted the phone but now it still freeze when it’s bluetooth starts. Then all is locked. The display is freezed and nothing responds.
    I tryed to reset using on/off + * + 3 as seen on some forums, but nothing appends. I can’t input soft or hard reset codes as I can’t input anything…
    I can’t update firmare using nokia software update.

    Is it dead ?

  63. MetalMario says:

    Have you tried downloading the Nokia Pc Suite directly from Nokia? I don’t know ehere you’re from but just look at your local Nokia page and search Nokia PC Suite.
    I have no idea about the 5800

    There’s been a lot of chating about that, please lok at comments before. Use the search function of your web browser.
    What you do basically is change your Nokia product code to another one that allows an upgrade. This is by using the Nemesis Service Suite.

    Long time!!!

  64. S.M.Shoel says:

    I could not intall PCsuit in my laptop which is oprating with windows 7.

    Pls advice

  65. MetalMario says:

    Have you tried using the USa version? Aparently it works. But I can’t tell you for sure because I have no idea about Windows 7.

    MAyway, good luck with that dude.

  66. KOUSHIK GHOSH says:


  67. KOUSHIK GHOSH says:


  68. Sipho says:

    I’ve got nokia 6300 i can play music on my cellphone,when i play it says that no music files and there is lots of music on my phone.What causes that and how can i solve that problem?

  69. atul says:

    Help!!!!! I diconnected my nokia 6300 while it was updating!! Now its not working.. What do i do????

  70. atul says:

    try updating your music library and then playing the songs from the music player….

  71. atul says:

    i connected my phone to the comp again and tried updating from the PC suite again. it worked! now my phone is back to normal!!!

  72. Guyfrommexico says:

    I was updating the firmware of my nokia 3600, but accidently got disconected, now it will not turn on at all… What can I do? Do I have to take it to a Nokia Service Center?

  73. Deivis says:

    I was just wondering – can 6300 be flashed to 5310 – their hardware is about the same , but I don’t like the audio player in 6300 . If anyone knows if this is possible , please send me an e-mail –
    P.S. Excuse me for my “broken” english – I’m not very good at it .

  74. Utpal says:

    I have do not update my phone how can i update my nokia 6300 software.any one who solve the problem plz send with a mail that is
    My english is very poor plz try to undestand.thanks

  75. Marv says:

    can you help me unlock my nokia 6300 to use any sim card
    my details
    type RM-217
    IC : 661U-RM-217
    FCC ID : PPIRM-217
    IMEI 0546930359347/02/547794/6

    T Mobile
    when i put in any sim it tell me to put the restriction code
    counting on you
    thanks in advance

  76. Deanyesh says:

    Can i install 2700 classic firmware in 6300?plz tell me.

  77. chandirika says:

    Hi,Nice Mobile , i am also i\using Nokia ,for this mobile unlocking i used only an unlock code ,after unlocking ,My Nokia is working very also use only an beast and safety unlock code.i approached this site for my mobile unlock code.

  78. arbaaz says:

    hi nice cell but i have one problem in my music player it can’t take files from memory card what can i do can u give me solution on my e-mail id

  79. miyanda3 says:

    message storage memory not ready??? Wat z this

    my 6300 takes bwt 15 whole minutes using my 2gb mem card sum1 help m plis

  80. uzair jan says:

    i have nokia 6300 v07.21 is it possible to run .sis file if
    i updated from v07.21 to newer version

  81. Kishore says:

    Hello.. i got N6300 with v7.21 can i upgrade my firmware to
    newer/higher versions?

  82. debdeep says:

    my 6300 hangs alot….
    i have 7.21 in it. suggest me some solution for it

  83. gajendrA says:


  84. osama says:

    Hi guys..want a nokia 6300 latest firmware?!?

    Ok,download it here and enjoy!!!

  85. mark says:

    hi i was trying to update my 6300 when suddenly it turned off and wont turn on again what would i do??

  86. hachue says:

    cn i updated ma phone online

  87. shahrukh patel says:

    I was update my 6300 but phone is not resstarted

  88. philips107 says:

    I have Nokia 6300 and nokia pc suite and i am using xp sp2.
    When I connect the phone via USB cable or bluetooth I get this error message:
    “Ovi suite/PC suite does not support the connected phone.Ovi suite/PC suite setting file is missing from your phone.Switch off your phone,switch it on,and try again.”
    I tried it but it is not work.My firware is 6.60 and i have to update 7.20
    What can i do for connect my phone.
    PLZ…….reply fast

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