Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

This page is a discussion forum for new firmware updates for the Nokia 6300 from the version 5.00 and forth software releases. The version 5.00 firmware update introduced an issue, namely, that the feature of toggling the silent-profile by pressing and holding the #-key disappeared. Updating to the newer version 5.50 of the Nokia 6300 firmware, however, solved this problem together with the following software updates:

  • The Call Log – the list of missed calls, received calls, and dialled numbers – have been updated with new icons that are easier to see and comprehend, and slightly more colorful.
  • The option of enabling navigation key icons on the background showing which applications are available from the four direction in the navigation key (this might not be a new feature, however I have not seen it before I think)
  • The bluetooth menu seems to be improved a bit.

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Please follow the comments discussion to gain insights on the newest software releases for the Nokia 6300.

Nokia Software Updater

Just to remember, checking the current software version on the phone is done by entering the following code: *#0000#, and checking the newest available version of the Nokia phone software can be done at this Nokia site. Doing the last mentioned will also provide a link to the specific phone product software, else just download the Nokia Software Updater to update the phone.

Since I wrote this post newer versions of the Nokia 6300 firmware has been released, and different people have been very nice to follow up and describe the content of these updates in their comments. I, on the contrary, have moved on the real deal – the iPhone, and because I no longer own a Nokia 6300, I will no longer be able to bring updates on the Nokia 6300. However, I hope that you people will continue commenting on the future updates for the Nokia 6300.

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290 Responses to Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

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  3. 0xCAFE says:

    So, it did not break anything ? I think I read on Nokia forums that there can be a second IM icon and broken PTT… Or was that with v.5.0 :|

    Also, my 6300 was bought in Canada (model 6300b, RM-222), do you think the same update will work ?

    When I guery Nokia’s site with my product code (054862), it says the latest version is 4.71 (the one I already have).


  4. @ 0xCAFE

    I have first of all updated the article with some more information, however, installing the software version 5.50 have not introduces any issues as fare as I know, and whether the update will work on the model 6300b or not, I do not know. But I don’t think there is any harm in installing the Nokia Software Updater and giving it a try. It should handle getting the newest available update for your specific product, and only install it if it’s compatible. (Note: I don’t know if there is any differences between the European and the Canadian Nokia Software Updater, but it would be a bit weird)

  5. 0xCAFE says:

    Thanks !

    I will try it tomorrow and see if it works.

  6. 0xCAFE says:

    Nope. :( It does not want to update to 5.0 or 5.5.

    It says Current: 4.71 | Update: 4.71

    Ah, well. We will have to wait a bit more that the European update gets pushed to North America… Lucky you to have it!

  7. Okay, you have to be patient then…

  8. Caroline Wilson says:

    I have tried to follow your instructions but when I try isync with my Nokia 6300, it connects but then comes up with a message saying “Synchronising / sending data 0 of 225” then the screen goes blank. i Sync then displays the message that the synchronisation has failed… any suggestions?

  9. melvin says:

    i updated my nokia 6300 to v5.50 which is as i know that it is the latest version but technically there is no difference between v4.71 and the latest update i wasted my time !!!!!!! LOL!

  10. Lowie says:


    I had a similar problem.

    – Make sure your Mac address book is up to date with all contacts and numbers
    – Delete all contacts from phone
    – Delete all calendar entries from phone
    – Remove phone from iSync
    – Add phone back into iSync
    – Select “delete all info from device on first sync”
    – Set up how you want sync options
    – Sync phone.

    Worked for me, stopped the blank screen problem.

  11. 0xCAFE says:


    No, there are some differences.
    List of Nokia 6300 firmware changes :

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 5.00 to v 5.50:
    -Restore Factory Settings command restores also variant settings
    – Yahoo Go application added
    – Copying contacts to phone memory also possible when security level is set to “phone”
    – Play list improved in Music Player
    – FM radio auto tuning improved
    – WAP browsing in certain pages improved
    – Compatibility with a Bluetooth car kit improved
    – UA-Prof URL updated
    – Voice recorder playback volume adjusted
    – Support for new components
    – Combo memory
    – Power management chip
    – HW accelerator
    – FM Radio
    – Preinstalled MIDlets updated
    – Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 4.71 to v 5.00:
    – DRM protected content bigger than 600 kB is possible to download via Java
    – WAP browsing over CSD improved
    – Viewfinder in video mode improved
    – It is possible to login to sites with passwords that start with a number
    – Improved playing of MP4 and video/3gpp video files wrapped in DRM MIME type
    – “NoResp” command handling improved with SyncML
    – Streaming improved when MMS received at the same time
    – Playing svg-file improved
    – Quality of Nokia tune ringing tone improved on volume level 5
    – Preinstalled MIDlet versions updated
    – Operator name list updated

    For 5.50, the # to toggle from Silent to Normal modes is also fixed.


  12. Thanks for the extended list of changes in version 5.50

  13. Angelo Machils says:

    I just updated my 6300 to v5.50 but the “For 5.50, the # to toggle from Silent to Normal modes is also fixed.” still doesn’t work for me. Using the #-key still switches between line 1 and line 2 (whatever that means).

    Kind regards, Angelo

  14. Dinesh says:

    Did any one notice that the multimedia plus option under new messages is missing once updated to 5.50 ? Now, what happened here ?

  15. imad says:

    i need the up to date software

  16. Noxian says:

    on the Nokia Software Update site it is requiered to enter the Model-number of the phone to check if an update is available, referring to the model-number printed on the label under the battery. Unfortunately the label on my Nokia 6300 doesn’t show the model… Any idea’s??
    Installed the Nokia Software Updater and used the USB cable to connect to my laptop but the program says “Connected phone was not recognised”!
    Any suggestions??


  17. Noxian says:

    Thanks Huw,
    In that case I already chose the right number. However on the Nokia Website this model-number is not recognised…
    And when I connect my phone to my laptop with the Nokia USB Cable and simply run the Nokia Phone Software Updater (v1.4.23en), it reports “Phone Not Recognised”.
    Any further recommendations…?

  18. Darko says:

    Same problem here, i instaled PC Suite and rekognised my phone fine, but when i try to update software, it says Phone not rekognised. I have FW4.71
    By the way, the data cable is for motorolla, but it works all the other stuff just fine so i doubt its that. Maybe a factory default on the phone would help?

  19. Darko says:

    i just found out that Nokia 6300 was removed from Nokia Software Updater for technical problems. Hope they fix whatever they need fixin and get it back soon

  20. Adam says:

    Hi there,

    i am in australia, i have a nokia 6300 RM-217 Firmware: V5.00. now i have changed the product code to Russia. So when i update i can get the russian language pack. But when i open the updater i get a message: Phone not recognised. It is locked to the Optus Network. And do you know anywhere where i can download the Russian Firmware for 6300? I cant find it anywhere. And how to unlock it, i heard something about some BB5 Chip. Optus will charge $80 AUD to Unlock..

    Much appreciated

  21. Braggus says:


    After updating my N6300 form 4.70 to 5.00 the # button doesn’t response to go on silent profile. Now i’m updating again to 5.00 because 5.50 is nog available for my region.


  22. Parkan says:

    My problem is similar to Adam’s. I have changed the product code on an English 6300 to Ukrainian. Auto updater won’t run, as it says I already have the latest version, so I can’t get the langauage pack I need installed. Is there a way round this?

  23. Ian says:

    Well pressing and holding # on my 6300 does nothing except give me the DTMF tone for #.

    It didn’t work on 4.71, it still doesn’t work on 5.5

  24. Braggus says:

    When i changed my productcode to one from some forum i could update to 5.50. Now everything is OK.


  25. cikki says:

    in some networks when you press # on the phone,it means that you change line 1 into line 2,that is not phone error…some networks doesn’t have that and then you can swich to silent mode…no version can fix that…maybe in future…

  26. Paul says:

    I heard that 5.5 was history now and 5.52 is the latest – but as usual no official info about the changelog any where.
    Any one know any more?

  27. Ian says:

    “I heard that 5.5 was history now and 5.52 is the latest”

    Where did u hear that ?

  28. When checking my product code at the version is still 5.50

  29. Paul says:

    Re software version 5.52
    On the above was where I found it

  30. Braggus says:

    V 06.01

    Should be the last for now.



  31. Braggus says:

    Just updated from 5.50 to 5.52 and searching for a productcode that supports 6.01.


  32. sudhanshu says:

    well yesterday I updated my nokia software to 5.5 and I could not find any difference it made to my phone…..can anyone tell me exactly what new features it includes or any upgrades it has…..or just I wasted my time in so called upgrading!!!

  33. Paul says:

    I have found the information below on different websites – so can’t guarantee it is right but might be of interest

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 5.00 to v 5.50:
    -Restore Factory Settings command restores also variant settings
    – Yahoo Go application added
    – Copying contacts to phone memory also possible when security level is set to “phone”
    – Play list improved in Music Player
    – FM radio auto tuning improved
    – WAP browsing in certain pages improved
    – Compatibility with a Bluetooth car kit improved
    – UA-Prof URL updated
    – Voice recorder playback volume adjusted
    – Support for new components
    – Combo memory
    – Power management chip
    – HW accelerator
    – FM Radio
    – Preinstalled MIDlets updated
    – Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 5.50 to version 6.01:
    – Default year changed to 2008
    – MIDlet versions updated
    – Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when SIM-card swapped (SW
    05.50 => 06.01)
    – Improvements for using the radio as an alarm sound with the alarm clock
    – Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when the SW is updated by
    using NSU.
    – Bluetooth headset functionalities improved
    – Bluetooth carkit functionality improved
    – Corrections for the text localizations in the menu
    – Updates in the dictionary
    – MyFaves scrolling functionality improved
    – Improvements in the ALS functionality
    – Operator name list updated

  34. nadeem says:

    update it again.. new firmware for 6300 is 6.01 released 2008 feb
    so update it
    it adds functionaly to play mpeg 4 video smoothly at 25fps
    and many more.
    update and let me know

  35. Rudy says:

    What product CODE can I use to upgrade to firmware version 6.01 ?


  36. DANIEL13 says:

    please nadeem teel us your phone product code so we can also update to the new firmware

  37. Paul says:

    0537621 but the official nokia site only shows 5.50 for download at the moment.

  38. lac says:

    does anyone know a link where I could download version 6.01? NSU still shows 5.52 :(

  39. jo says:

    Hi,all,after ubdate nokia 6630 loss language menu ,tare are only 2 languages ,is posible to instal another language on board and how can i do that,tx in advance

  40. Pupo says:

    I can’t connect my 6300 with usb cable.

    When i plug the USB cable, the OS show me a menu:
    “USB Config:
    Mass Storage
    COM Port”
    I tried in mass storage mode, COM Port. But pcsuit nor Nokia Software Update recognize the mobilhe, They show the message: “Unable to find phone”.

    The firmware of my mobile is:
    Nokia 6300

    How could I update this firmware?


  41. Rudy says:

    CODE 0537675 now works, I just updated my Fido branded 6300b RM-222 using this code, to version 6.01

  42. Braggus says:

    Used code 0546930 to update to v6.01.

  43. AlexW says:

    Hello, I used 0537675 to upgrade my v4.71 6300 to 6.01 but I don’t see the Yahoo GO Application. Any ideas why?

  44. andy says:

    i tried to update the software on 6300 and it killed my phone ,it doesnt even turn on anymore ! anyone help

  45. jhun says:

    andy said,

    i tried to update the software on 6300 and it killed my phone ,it doesnt even turn on anymore ! anyone help

    You need to reformat your cellphone or go to the nearest service center,101% you damage your phone.

  46. Heebie says:


    I’m having serious problems with the update program… I start it up and then it says:

    “Network connection lost. Check your network connection or whether a firewall is preventing the application from working properly.”

    I even turned my firewall off temporarily but it stil doesn’t work!

    What’s the matter?


  47. Kuen says:

    Hey i got it too but i entered proxy for my Internet Explorer and it was fixed. Try it. Also your phone may shutdown during the update. I got mine shutdown and it didn’t turn on even after i removed the battery. I just plug it in and continue updating with the phone off (not sure if its doing anyting) then it will say phone connection lost. Pull out the cables then turn on the phone, it says test mode. Take the battery out and put it back in, it should turn on this time. Continue the updating and it should say software updated complete. Check with *#0000# and i got my 6.01 version!

    It works on mine, i hope it works for you guys too!

  48. JA says:

    Hey every1,

    i updated my 6300 to v6.01 on Friday. Everything went smooth during the installation and after it, everything worked perfect until 2 days later when suddenly i couldn’t access my memory card. Something happened to it: i can’t read it in the computer and in the phone it gives me error. Long story short, the memory card is corrupted and cannot be formatted.

    Anyone else with the same problem? any fixes or suggestions?


  49. me says:

    haii i have a nokia 6300 i tried updating it and it tells me that my phone is v 4.17 and it sais that my phone is up 2 dat how can i make it 5.00

  50. A Person says:

    it depends on what kind of 6300 you have (your service provider). Some are up to 6.01, some are still at 4.17. There’s nothing you can do until your service provider approves of the update.

  51. a person says:

    Can some one put up a list of the changes from 5.50 to 6.01?

  52. Paul says:

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 5.50 to version 6.01:
    – Default year changed to 2008
    – MIDlet versions updated
    – Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when SIM-card swapped (SW
    05.50 => 06.01)
    – Improvements for using the radio as an alarm sound with the alarm clock
    – Improvements in the MyFaves functionality when the SW is updated by
    using NSU.
    – Bluetooth headset functionalities improved
    – Bluetooth carkit functionality improved
    – Corrections for the text localizations in the menu
    – Updates in the dictionary
    – MyFaves scrolling functionality improved
    – Improvements in the ALS functionality
    – Operator name list updated

    Currently, you need to use phoenix to update to 6.01. AFAIK, it is not yet available via NSU.

  53. Nikola says:

    Hello everybody, i have some problems with 6.01. I upgraded new firmware fine and actually i have problem with battery, namely my batter working about 1 day, but after upgrade works about 3 or 4 days, any suggestions?

  54. Luisfer says:

    hi i have a nokia 6300 v 04.20 RM-217
    but in each time that i try to update, the nokia update software only say that don’t have updates for my cell phone model

    really don’t have updates for this model, because i see that the last version of this is 5.5

    thanks for your help, bye

  55. Jayshree says:

    I upgraded new firmware 6.01…
    As Nikola said after upgradation his battery is working fro 3 to 4 days..
    but mine is same.. it is working for 1 day only..

  56. Jayshree says:

    You can upgrade your phone from nokia site..
    There it is availble 6.01

  57. rashi says:

    my nokia 6300 update from v5.00 to v6.01 .my battery life time is not incresed.i can’t see anu other change in my phone. plz help me………..

  58. Pancho says:

    hey paul or somebody, i wanna know if in the new firm 6.01 or in the 5.50, the messages options the short messages and multimedia messages are together, i mean this, MENU – MESSAGES – CREATE MESSAGE – MESSAGE (short text and multimedia) like in the news S40 phones… oh and if still have the yahoo go apllication. thanks

  59. 8080 says:

    Hi, I’ve just upgraded the firmware from 04.71 to v06.01 – because my phone didn’t recognized the 1GB micro SD card after 5 minutes of use.
    But now… the phones reboots by itself random :(

  60. farokh says:

    i’ve upgrade my 6300 to 6.01 and after that my voice command doesn’t say thst: “voice system error” ! enyone have same prob?

  61. pancho pancho says:

    yes pancho you do get those options in the update including yahoo go

  62. Ariel says:

    Hola. Alguien me puede decir si actualizo de la version 4.20 a la 6.1 voy a tener tambien los cambios que fueron mejorados de las versiones anteriores 5.0 o la 5.5 y si esta funcionando bien la ultima version. Gracias

  63. Liam says:


    i live in australia and for some reason i cant update mii firmware from v5.00 to anything higher

    anyone no how to

    I WILL DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    PLZ HELP!!!!!

  64. fatty says:

    For anyone who is having problems updating their phones firmware to the 6.01 version there is any easy solution. The nokia site also said that my phone is up to date in regards to firmware when I had 5.0v when 6.01v was available.

    This site explains how to change your phone’s product code to anything you like so you can trick the NSU (nokia software updater) into updating the phone to the firmware version 6.01v.

    It worked perfectly for me when upgrading from 5.0v to 6.01v. The product code I used was 0546736 to get the 6.01v update. Language was English after update with this product code. If you want a different language checkout
    (has all other product codes for 6300)

    Also to see which of the product code updates to the firmware you want, enter the product code in this site:

    eg: entering the 0546736 product code states that the latest firmware update is 6.01v.

    If you also want a different language installed try searching nokia 6300 language packs in google.

    Hope this info helped as it took me a while to find it

  65. fatty says:

    Sorry the tutorial site I was refering to in order to change the product code is:

    accidentally left it out :)

  66. denis says:

    There is no option for backup of phone memory to memory card.does anyone have an idea how to do it.also the sound is very low.

  67. Sohel says:

    I’m sohel. i’m having this error messege while updating my 6300 v5.00 to v6.00. I did re download the software and try to install again also getting the same messege.The messege is below
    ” Error 1720. There is a problem with this windows installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run.
    Contact your support personal or package vendor. custom action kill_Process script error -2147221020,: line 5, Column 1.”
    Please can anybody tell me what’s the problem?

  68. Nokia just released new firmware (06.60) via NSU. I already updated my phone and i will see does battery problem is solved in this firmware release.

  69. DutchMob says:

    Updated also to v6.60, no problems tho i didn’t have any problems before.

  70. Nikola says:

    My battery not increased life time :(

  71. crayxmp says:

    Here are the changes / improvements made from MCU SW version 6.01 to version 6.60 for Nokia 6300:-

    — Support for a new memory component
    – Camera’s zoom functionality adjusted
    – “Dialled” used instead of “Dialed” in the Call Timers menu
    – FM radio auto tuning optimised
    – Compatibility with certain WAP pages improved
    – The voice recorder volume tuning adjusted for the recorded voice clips
    – The alignment of the navigation key icons corrected for Hebrew UI
    – Date and time are now visible in the screen saver
    – Improvements for the Java MIDlet registry
    – MIDlet versions updated
    – Operator name list updated

  72. When the changelog talks about “Support for a new memory component”, does anyone know what it *means*? Not talking about SDHC, are they? Has anyone tried a >2GB micro SD card in a 6300 with firmware 6.01 or 6.60?

    FWIW, my 6300 running 6.01 with a BL-5C battery squeezed into it (see Youtube) can run for nearly four days with light use.

  73. crayxmp says:

    I dont think it points to support of SDHC cards. TRacj record of Nokia doesnt suggest that they will offer such generous firmware update. And as usual, they havn’t clarified it in their site. But that is to be expected. However, i havn’t tried the >2GB option. In fact i deliberately use a 1GB card inspite of the 2GB support to avoid crashes. Keeps me & my mobile’s sanity intact!!

    I know about the BL-5C trick. Hav you experienced any problems after shaving off the battery?

  74. Xsever says:

    @ “I know about the BL-5C trick. Hav you experienced any problems after shaving off the battery?”

    I did that last year and battery + phone still running flawlessly. No problems at all and you can see the difference in life time. Just make sure you shave it off smoothly and keep trying to fit until it works.

  75. crayxmp says:


    Thanx mate, wil try that out now. It a real pain in the *** trying to re-charge my battery every 24 hrs.

  76. crayxmp says:


    Thats cool mate- thanx a bunch! Lemme know if Nokia is launchin a new software update anytime soon i.e. if u learn about it :-)

  77. johndoe dohe doe says:

    Will upgrade the firmware making the readily available dictionary disappear?

    I have a nokia 6300, comes with a english to chinese build-in dictionary, I am afraid upgrading the firmware will make the dictionary disappear? currently the firmware version is 5.0

    I am also facing the problem the sound recorder is recording in a very low volume problem, does upgrade to 6.60 solve this problem?


  78. Xsever says:


    I am not sure about the dictionary since i do not have it (Chinese) but if you backup before you update(with Nokia PC Suite), you should be safe. I do not think that dictionaries would disappear after an update but everything is possible.

    As for the low volume problem, i never used the recorder before but now with 6.60, recorded sound sounds good. Maybe i did not have that bug, but now i can record and playback it flawlessly.

    Hope this helps,

  79. johndoe dohe doe says:

    Thank Xsever,

    I managed to update nokia 6300 from 5.00 to 6.60 with the dictionary still kept intact after upgrading.. The voice recorder is working fine, BUT compare to other nokia handphone, nokia 6300 has a very distinguisable low volume sound for the recorded files, you could compare with other nokia handphone or

    You could try to use the nokia 6300 video recorder to record, then to use the voice recorder to record, then you play both files, you could see a very distinguishable in sound volume for video file and audio file, the audio file sound volume is very low and week compare to video file, that’s what I mean…………

    It seems this is a bug in ALL nokia 6300 as I could search from the internet, this has happenned to all nokia 6300 handphone, I assume……..

  80. Xsever says:

    What you could do is download “Audacity” and put the recorded files on the PC, boost their volume using Audacity and then put them back on your phone. I think you should end up then with a good sound.

    Give it a try,

  81. crayxmp says:

    You can also use MP3Gain to boost audio. But the audio recording has improved considerably in the new firmware update (V6.60). Atleast u can hear the recordings without headphones!

    Its good that your dictionary is intact but i think they have a region specific update for that.

  82. crayxmp says:

    Goin a bit off-topic now:-

    What’s the best conversion rate for videos to be played on Nokia 6300 V6.60? My specs using Alive Media Converter are these:-

    1) Output Format: MP4 MPEG-4 AMR Mobile Video (*.mp4)


    1) Frame Size: 176 x 144
    2) Bitrate: 190 kbps
    3) Framerate: 23.976 fps


    1) Bitrate: 32 kbps
    2) Sample Rate: 8000 Hz
    3) Channels: Stereo

    Have you tried any better settings?

  83. Ajish says:

    Hi, I have Nokia 6300 V 06.01. If I upgrade to V 06.60 will it increase the volume of songs played in music player (like Express Music)? In my current version the quality of the music is good but it’s not that louder. Also, what is the best feature in the new version?

    Your help will be appreciated.

  84. crayxmp says:


    I haven’t noticed any significant difference in the audio output volume while upgrading from v6.01 to v6.60, in fact it would be better if you can enhance the volume of songs by using MP3Gain (freeware)or Audacity suggested by Xsever.

    However, the audio recording quality has improved by leaps & bounds! In fact it is on par with other phones and can be used as temporary recorder. No need to plug in the earphones to hear the recording!! I think this has been the best updated feature in this version…

  85. sergeon666 says:

    what the changes / improvements made from MCU SW version 7.0 for Nokia 6300?

  86. Chriss says:

    I want to install the v7.00 for my nokia 6300 and I don’t now how. I have the RM-217_DP20_7.00__sw-07.00 software but after installation it not give me any .exe to lunch.

  87. Jackson C. says:

    Hello All,
    I am having Nokia 6300 V. 04.71, in that i am not able to get X-Midlet-NokiaVisual Radio, beacuse of which i cannot use 1 application, how can i get this particular Midlet, on my Nokia 6300.


  88. Nikola says:

    To upgrade Nokia firmware you need to use NSU (Nokia Software Updater)

  89. crayxmp says:

    @ Chriss

    Has nokia released v7.00 for 6300?? I didnt know that, maybe its not yet due for asian markets…

  90. jawad says:

    hello guys i have updated my i have an nice trick to update with out connecting the cell 6300 to nokia update,,

    to day i was searching the the new frimware updates my frimware was 4.71…

    i conect my phone to nsu then connect to internet,,and,clik on update my phne,software search new version of software and doing downloading,,when software starts downlading,,
    0.0mb 22.5 mb
    i dicconnected the cell imediatly,,,,
    then it says your phone is not connected,,

    then i againg connecting and press retry,,
    when it starts downlaoding,,

    0.0mb i againg disconnected the phone,,and,,nsu continuing to download updates with out cell after 10 min,,nsu downlaod the updates,,

    theni connect the phone again and press update,again,,then it says,,15 minutes remaining,,
    but after 4,,to 5 minutes,,

    my cell restarts and,,says,,

    your frim ware is updated
    during updaiting,,screen was black

    this is trik for all of u

    coz,,nsu creat a temp file in,,the windows,and,,when i connect the phone again,its continuing phone update from temp file ,,,

  91. Xsever says:


    I thought the same too but i checked with my NSU and 6.60 was the latest. Maybe Chriss has a pre-released/leaked version unless versions get released differently in different countries.

  92. crayxmp says:


    That’s what i think, anyway the official site doesnt say anything about v7.00 so we are back to square one although i would love to hear from Chriss again!


    That’s a good trick buddy although i would like to ask you one question – Did u disconnect from internet while updating your phone on the final try? I ask this cause i want to confirm whether it actually updated from the Temporary folder or did the NSU re-connect to internet?

  93. jawad says:

    @crayxmp said,

    no i was not dicconnecting ,,,i was connecting with nsu and internet,,but nsu updating my phone through temp folder where nsu stores the updates,,

    when my phone updating through nsu, its necessory to connect with internet,while updating,,but regardig my tip,,nsu will download the whole updates in a temp folder and then when we connect the phoen with nsu,,it will update,my phoen through temp folder

    and,,never disconnect the internet,,but nsu will collet updates from temp folder,

    its trik and,,100% will work,,,me to update my phone like this,,chek out and then mail me,,or msg me,

  94. jawad says:

    and i am sure now the people says that never disconnect your phone with cable,,during updating,,

    this trick solve the whole problem of yours,,coz,,,while updating phone should connect with cable,,if light goes off,,electricity,,problem,,will,,damage your phone,,but this trick solve your problem,,no phone,,no disconcerting with cable,,just check this out,,and tell me,,try to download updates like me,,and,my procedure,,you can download updates,100 times with this trick

  95. Xsever says:

    jawad. I am confused. crayxmp if you understand please let me know.

    What is the advantage of upgrading through a temp folder/file or through NSU directly? I do not understand the main purpose of the trick. Please let me know.


  96. crayxmp says:


    Lol mate, i have a few questions of my own. Lemme try to clarify as best as i can!!

    Jawad has tried this trick because NSU guidelines clearly state that if your internet connection drops or you are somehow disconnected while updating then your phone software shall crash & you will have no other option but to flash it from a nearby service centre & re-load the entire OS. Basically what i mean is a system wipe & re-boot. Now Jawad probably has a fickle connection like me and can face this problem while updating(& unlike others neither can we afford nor do we have the infrastructure for a T1 connection). Therefore he has devised a method where the updated software data is stored in a temporary folder on your PC & thus the phone can be updated offline even if your net connection goes kaput!

    However there are a few questions i would like to as Jawad—

    Buddy, when you say that the software update is already stored in the temporary folder then why do we need to be connected to the internet while updating? we can simply update the phone offline and maybe you can distribute the update on internet for others to use it; the legal validity of such an action is however not clear.

    Or is the temporary folder simply acting as a buffer ?

    BTW – PC suite update is out!

  97. jawad says:

    @ crayxmp
    1) , when you connected with internet ( dsl) oftnly we think when we updating software if dsl loss byts then wht we do,,so,,its easy to ,,store firmware in temp of nsu,and then update our phone software from there,,coz,,dsl will loss his byts ,,any time,,but system,,will not restart,,any time,,if you shuld system restart then

    its safeeer then online updating,

    2).thts y i said connect with internet,,if software updaiting stops due to any windows problem,,it will download or update your frimware alternate place like nokia genioun site,thts y i m sying,,always connect with internet,,no chance no,,finance,,its not a big probelm,,i m using genioune original windows Xp professional editing no dll problem,,no virus,,no any thing,

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