Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

This page is a discussion forum for new firmware updates for the Nokia 6300 from the version 5.00 and forth software releases. The version 5.00 firmware update introduced an issue, namely, that the feature of toggling the silent-profile by pressing and holding the #-key disappeared. Updating to the newer version 5.50 of the Nokia 6300 firmware, however, solved this problem together with the following software updates:

  • The Call Log – the list of missed calls, received calls, and dialled numbers – have been updated with new icons that are easier to see and comprehend, and slightly more colorful.
  • The option of enabling navigation key icons on the background showing which applications are available from the four direction in the navigation key (this might not be a new feature, however I have not seen it before I think)
  • The bluetooth menu seems to be improved a bit.

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Please follow the comments discussion to gain insights on the newest software releases for the Nokia 6300.

Nokia Software Updater

Just to remember, checking the current software version on the phone is done by entering the following code: *#0000#, and checking the newest available version of the Nokia phone software can be done at this Nokia site. Doing the last mentioned will also provide a link to the specific phone product software, else just download the Nokia Software Updater to update the phone.

Since I wrote this post newer versions of the Nokia 6300 firmware has been released, and different people have been very nice to follow up and describe the content of these updates in their comments. I, on the contrary, have moved on the real deal – the iPhone, and because I no longer own a Nokia 6300, I will no longer be able to bring updates on the Nokia 6300. However, I hope that you people will continue commenting on the future updates for the Nokia 6300.

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290 Responses to Nokia 6300 Firmware/Software Update Download

  1. jawad says:

    @ Xsever

    man crayxmp is rite excetly i want to say this,,and,,,,when you are downloading any file,,,like mp3.avi,,any file,,from any software,,,this will create,a file,in system temp folder,and system stores this file ,,for next restart or shutdown,,system,,

    stores this file in temp folder,then downlaod complete it will store file at his define place which you define like d: …e: … any drive its rule of,,computer,,that he loads data in ram,,,and then goes to processor,,then,,come back to ram,,then display,,man,,

    you know about cashe,,,,the electrical path which transfer data in computer form one place to another is called cashe, path and,,the speed which thy transfer the data is called cashe speed, so its an example,,
    but there is no,,,change to update from temp folder,or,,live updaiting,,man,,just enjoy,,
    basicly the software stores in temp for 10,,to 15 minutes,or in ram,,so you can,,update from ,,,temp folder,,its define to difficult ,,i have an reserch,,but please,,do this and then tell me,,i gave my email id add me,,,

  2. Xsever says:

    @Jawad. Thanks for the information and the explanations. I know how temp folders, cache, RAM and all that work. I just did not know that if your connection is bad that would be a problem for NSU. Now i know.

    @ crayxmp

    Thanks for your explanations too.

  3. crayxmp says:


    I am glad to be of whatever little help i can be mate!

    Thanx for the explanations buddy as well as confirming my hypothesis. However i might as well try it on my friend’s phone first!

    Looking to you hear from you guys again…

  4. JAWAD says:


  5. Xsever says:

    Hey guys i have a question. Maybe you know something about it.
    There’s a software called “Diego” that works with Nokia phones. It can flash, and perform modification to the phone’s configuration. Not sure if you heard of it. Anyway, i used it on my friend’s Nokia 6265 to unlock a feature and it worked. The thing is that the 6265 comes with a cable that is not USB on both sides. It’s the DKU-5 Cable. So i tried to work on my 6300 using diego and it did not recognize the phone because probably 1. Not supported or 2. it only works with phone that use the DKU-5

    So does anyone knows of a software that can modify configurations in Nokia’s software. I ask because my 6300 is a UK version and i live in Canada and i always get a +1 in front of local numbers. I want to find a workaround to solve this.

    Suggestions are welcomed.
    Thank you,

  6. crayxmp says:

    @ Xsever

    That may well be the case although the specifics is beyond my grasp. Have you tried Phoenix? I did find a useful note & it might be of some help to you. These are not my own notes neither have i tested the process so be careful & do tell me if you succeed, even i would like to remove the country code from local numbers. Here you go:-

    Nokia BB5 Firmware Flashing Guide

    * Note: Before proceeding, please uninstall all Nokia-related software, including: Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Connectivity Cable drivers, and old versions of Phoenix and Diego.

    Download and Install Diego
    * Download: 55667793_Diego_3_06.msi

    * Installing Diego
    1. Launch the Diego installer, follow the on-screen instructions. (Basically just hit next until the installer is finished.)

    Download and install Phoenix 2004 + Crack
    * Download: phoenix_service_sw_2004_39_7_70.exe
    * Download: phoenix_service_sw_2004_39_7_70_crack.exe

    * Installing Phoenix 2004
    1. Open the crack, do not click Install just yet.
    2. Launch the Phoenix 2004 installer and hit next to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    3. When prompted for a Nokia dongle, hit retry, then immediately hit install on the crack, overwrite DLL files.
    4. Reboot machine when prompted.

    Download and install the Cable driver
    * Download: Nokia_Conn_Cable_Driver_159_ita.msi

    * Installing the Cable driver
    o Don’t worry about the installer being in a different language
    1. Just hit next (Avanti) until the cable driver is installed.

    Upgrading Phoenix 2004 to Phoenix 2006
    * Download: phoenix_service_sw_2006_12_5_136.exe

    * Upgrading to Phoenix 2006 (required for flashing modern phones, like the N80)
    1. Open the Phoenix by launcing from the icon on the desktop.
    2. Minimize Phoenix (leave it running for the next couple of steps)
    3. Launch the Phoenix 2006 installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
    4. When prompted, select “I will restart later.”
    5. Close the Phoenix you left running (should still be minimized).
    6. Relaunch Phoenix by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
    7. Under the Help menu, choose About to ensure the version is 2006.

    Flashing the Nokia Phone
    * Download a firmware of your choice.

    1. Remove the SIM card, and memory card from your phone.
    2. Turn on the phone (it will start in offline mode because there is no SIM card inside).
    3. Plug in the USB cable to both the phone and the computer.
    4. When prompted, select “PC Suite” from the menu list on the phone.
    5. Wait for *all* drivers to fully install themselves before proceeding. You will see the driver icon disappear when it is complete.
    6. In Phoenix, choose File, then Manage Connections.
    7. Check USB, and then click Next. (See screenshot.)
    8. It will then search your USB ports for the phone. When it finds it, hit Finish.
    9. Once it has finished scanning, click apply, then click close.
    10. Next, select “Scan Product” from the File menu.
    11. If you did it right, you will see information populate itself in the main Phoenix window. (See screenshot.) This is crucial. If you do not see similar information, and if the phone is not being detected. Stop. You did something wrong.
    12. From the Flashing menu, choose SW Update.
    13. Wait for Phoenix to continue talking to the phone. You will see some information scroll by in the SW Update window.
    14. Choose the .FPSX file for the “Image File”
    15. Choose the .V0# file for the “PPM File” (.V08 is “western” English)
    16. Click “Start”. If you get any warnings, or messages, check this thread at HowardForums.

    * The flashing process takes about five minutes to complete. The first few steps ensure connectivity to the phone. After it verifies connectivity, Phoenix will automatically restart the phone. Once it has completed (a dialog box will popup saying it has completed successfully), you may close Phoenix, unplug the USB cable, and restart your phone. It should startup with the firmware you flashed to it.
    * If you restart your machine again, Phoenix 2006 will stop working. When you launch it (after restarting) it will prompt you for the Nokia dongle. At this point in time, the only way I know to get around this is simply uninstalling Phoenix, and starting from scratch. If you have any insight into this, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

    Disclaimer: I take no responsability for what the end results are to the actual phone. This is a guide, and has been proven to work many times. In some cases, unusual behavior might occur. If you have any doubt, simply do not proceed. Q
    This is basically it. Note that during the process if you get some error msgs (the ones you can bypass without aborting the installation) – it’s completely normal, as least for me. I’d just actually follow through the process above, step by step, and see what happens in the end.

    *Another odd thing to note is that for some reason, I have a better chance of success when I also install the V1 firmware into the \nokia folder, in addition to the V2 APAC firmware files, before I start flashing the device. Not sure why, though.

  7. Xsever says:

    Thanks a lot crayxmp. I have seen this before and I do not think it is worth the risk. Right? When I find someone who wants to throw his new Nokia phone away, I will test with it and let u know for sure :D

    What did u end up doing with the battery? Did u buy a BL-5C and mod it?

  8. crayxmp says:


    My sentiments exactly mate, i would rather have a friend try that first! :)

    I havent been able to get hold of an original BL-5C battery although i passed on the tip to one of my friends and he has used it to his advantage. Wil try it ASAP.

    By the way – do you rip and encode videos for playback in 6300?

  9. Xsever says:

    For an original BL-5C, your best bet is Ebay. I got mine for 7$ shipped. Very reasonable.

    As for ripping and encoding videos for playback, I do, but not too often. Like I do not watch shows or episodes on the phone (Have no time :D) Something I noticed (maybe off-topic): I put some pics taken with my digital camera on the phone. Each pics’ size is pretty big (2-3MB+) and when u put them to full screen and start browsing through them, you can feel the phone suffering and taking some time to flip to the next pic. I will re-size them and retry when I have time.

    What about you? Any tips or tricks from your side?

  10. crayxmp says:

    Yeah, the pixes are hi-res & therefore take some time. What’s the capacity of your micro-SD?

    As to tips, the one i found most useful was how to conserve battery charge. Normally when we lock the keypad the screen dims after a considerable lapse of time. To do that instantly just lock the keypad & press the red (cancel) key 2-3 times. The screen goes dark within a few seconds thereby saving battery power consumption on account of the bright display.

    I have tried various encoding settings with various softwares & after numerous attempts (remember the spider!!)i have finally managed to get what i believe to be the best bitrates possible. Maybe someone could enhance it further. Its already posted above in one of my replies.

  11. Xsever says:

    Yeah I am going to resize them and test again. My memory card is a 2GB.

    As for the battery tip, i do that too. Saves a lot of battery. What you can also do is disable the lights effects in settings > profiles. You know when you get a message and you dnt read it the side lights go on. They keep flashing until you read it so you disable them.

    One problem I am experiencing these days is the headset. Sometimes I plug it and it dsnt get recognized and some days it does. Very frustrating! Have you experienced anything similar?

  12. crayxmp says:

    Yeah, the side blinkers consume power, especially cause i receive msgs late night & they keep on flashing until i get up and check the msgs / missed calls in the morning! I did disable them temporarily but then that is the phone’s USP!

    Regarding the headset, are you using the default earphones provided alongwith the phone? And are you using an external case / cover for your phone? If yes, then check whether the headset is fully inserted into the slot. The problem with external plastic casing is that it often prevents the jack from being fully inserted in the 2.5mm audio slot….

  13. JAWAD says:

    @ crayxmp

    boss i have 2008 version working proper,,but not showing ,,,code number,,and how to change,serial number,,or imi number do you please gae us procedure

  14. Xsever says:


    I am using the default headphones & i have no plastic cover. Come on man if i modded a battery that means i am smarter than that :D The headset is being fully inserted and i can hear the “click” between the two. It just does not get recognized sometimes which makes it unreliable. I just want to know if it’s software or hardware problem.

  15. crayxmp says:

    Lol buddy, that was a very polite way of rebuking me ! ;) But point taken. It does happen to me at rare occasions but that’s cause maybe i use an external plastic cover.

  16. Xsever says:

    I think i fixed it man! I got a needle, put the phone under my desk lamp to see well, and pushed the metal pins inside a couple of times with the needle. Since then, the headset has been recognized each time i plug it. That fixed things I guess!

  17. crayxmp says:

    Well, that was an innovative way! However, it still points to a variation of my original hypothesis – the pins were not connecting properly in the socket due to some obstruction ;)

    Thus Cray & Xsever save the day :)

  18. JAWAD says:

    all of you are assswholes i need anser of my question

  19. Xsever says:

    Jawad! If I had an answer it would have been posted already. Unfortunately, I do not so calm down and watch what you are saying!


    Yeah you are right. Proper connection was the name of the game! I give you credit for that.
    Btw, what software do u use to encode videos for your phone?

  20. JAWAD says:

    thanks man,,but i want to change imi number through usb cable can,,,it possible

  21. crayxmp says:


    Buddy, i suggest you think before spitting out such kinda language. You wouldnt want moderators to ban your IP. As to your question, like Xsever says, if we had an answer we would have definitely posted it. My take is that IMEI is basically a software imprint of the phone’s hardware. So i dont think it will be that easy to change the IMEI even if you flash the phone. Not sure but may be you can try Nokia code developers at other websites.


    I use Alive Video Converter mate. Have used others including Super but was finally satisfied with this one! And yeah, connection did it but there’s a vast gap between hypothesis & practicality so equal if not more kudos to you too :)

  22. Xsever says:


    Alive Video Converter. I checked its website and it seems good. Are you using the free version or the full one?
    In addition, send me a list of applications you have installed on your phone and i will do the same and then we can mix and match: I send you the apps you like from mine and vis versa.

  23. freakshow says:

    Hey guys, any word on the V7.0 change log? I downloaded it, but I like to know whether the changes are worth the unofficial upgrade.

  24. Xsever says:


    I do not think the official 7.0 is out yet. My Nokia Software Updater is showing 6.60 as the latest version. (North America – Canada)
    Do you have an official 7.0 or just the unofficial one that surfaced on the net not long ago?

  25. JAWAD says:


    OK MAN,,

    BUT I HERE SOME FROM SOME ONE,,THAT its possible but how i dont know,,and,,i have downloaded xray for nokia 6300 its software which shows your xray,but not working on 6300 so may be the possibilties,,of not working

    any how,i want to ask again some thing
    give me answer,now i have upgrade to 6.60 mea but now when i start my phone it takes more then 1 minut to start,,lcd works proper but phone tkae moe then 1 minut to work,even i press any key,it will not work until it comes to normal,

    is thi is problem or

    phone start normlt when i push the on button but and nokia hands and logo also and voice also shows and we can listen but after this phone take much time to work proper,



  26. crayxmp says:

    @Xsever & freakshow

    Yup, even my NSU/Nokia website shows the current official release version as v6.60. I wouldnt try updating with the unofficial v7.00 unless i have a spare phone!


    I again would like to say that i have no confirmed source for changing of IMEI of the phone via USB. However i will try to collect more data on it. Regarding the booting of you phone, it does take some time – possibly a bit less than 1 minute. However that depends on the size of memory card in use & the data stored in both the memory card & phone.

  27. Xsever says:


    Are we going to share apps as I asked u in my previous post or what?

  28. crayxmp says:

    Oh sure! i almost forgot bout that. Lemme see what i have installed, hmm…..

    1) Super Bluetooth (BT hack)

    2) English Mini (Dictionary)

    3) Pool star (Game)

    4) Call of duty 4 (Game)

    5) Glass Player (Music player-although i hardly use it)

    I have tried lots of other softwares but they are either demo or not to my liking. Even the PDF software is crap. Therefore i read e-books by converting them into java applets with the help of MJBookmaker.

    You want any of these?

  29. JAWAD says:

    i also falshm y phone to 7.0 its same as 6.60 and,,when i falsh my phoen take less time mean minimum5 secnd,,its ok now,,and,,can any one tell me,,wht is the difference b/w the 6.60 and 7.00 i have 7.00

  30. crayxmp says:


    Since it isnt an official upgrade & i haven’t upgraded to it therefore i wouldnt be able to tell the differences :). Maybe you can test the features and tell us what’s new!

  31. Xsever says:

    @ crayxmp

    This is mine:
    1) Mobile Maths V1.7
    2) XCalc
    3) File Explorer (can hide files)
    4)Dictionary v2.6
    5)English Mini
    6)Microsoft Word Mobile (not official)
    7)Mini Excel

    Let me know if you want any and please send me Call of duty 4, MJBookmaker, and Glassplayer to

    Thanks a lot man,

  32. crayxmp says:


    Hey buddy, does the Word & Excel programs work to your satisfaction? i had tried them earlier but apparently it left a lot to be desired. I shall mail you your requests. Plus i shall try to mail Alive Media file + patch. I have already installed the full version but lemme search for the installation file.

  33. crayxmp says:

    Oh BTW, I will be offline for the next week, catch ya al later :-)

  34. JAWAD says:

    the version is very reliable i m checking t to,,

    can any one gave me the link of,,,,answrng machine for 6300

  35. Xsever says:

    @ Crayxmp

    Thanks for the apps buddy. I sent you what I have.

    I never worked/searched for answering machines. No go buddy!

  36. aTo says:

    I got V 07.00

    but any apps to read .pdf and .doc in phone ??..
    tell me pliss.

  37. Xsever says:

    Do you have the official V 7.0 through Nokia Software Updater or the leaked one?

    About pdf and doc, I have no idea.

  38. AxlZoli says:


    What is the difference between V6.60 and V7.00 firmware? Let somebody know it possibly?

    Regards, Zoltan

  39. crayxmp says:

    Hooray! Official V7.00 out….

  40. xsever says:

    Really? Let us know what is new in it please?

    The up part and the down part.

  41. xsever says:

    I found this so I am sharing it:

    Improvements: Better and louder sound in speaker music and radio, and even in headphones, two special themes, 3 types of calculator, opera mini included, improvements in camera and i think in display too. ”

    Down part: The lift timer cannot be accessed by pressing *#92702689#.”


    If anyone else has seen other changes, please share them here.


  42. AxlZoli says:

    Thanks xsever :)

  43. xsever says:

    No problem.

    Anyone who updated to 7.0 or knows more about it please share with us.


  44. crayxmp says:


    Yup, that’s what i could gather of the new version too. Haven’t updated mine though, will let you know the pros & cons once i update & explore mine.

  45. crayxmp says:

    First results of testing v7.00:-

    1) Camera seems to be a bit better but will have to further test it to really confirm this.

    2)No special themes or applications received.

    3) Life timer still works for me fine!

  46. xsever says:

    I have updated mine. The 2 themes and 3 types of calculators are not real. I saw none of that.

    When I typed *#92702689# I got the menus but the life timer was not there. Are you sure you still have yours?

    Something else I noticed is that i was able to put applications I have installed as shortcuts in the “Go To” menu.

  47. Metal Kid says:

    I have updated my nokia 6300 with v.07.00, Theat’s what I have found new :
    – When I press *#92702689# the warranty appears but without the life timer.
    – No new applications.
    That’s all i have noticed for now

  48. crayxmp says:

    Now that you point it out – the dates are there but no life timer! Dunno bout the applications though, will have to check it. V6.60 had far better advances i think.

    By the way – did you know that Wikipedia shows that the latest official Firmware Version ok Nokia 6300 is V7.21 ?

    Has anybody checked out the audio quality output? i recently converted all my MP3s to M4A so i cant judge it…

  49. Alex says:

    I have just updated, and i noticed there are 3 types of calculators, you just have to press options in the calculator. No other new themes or apps. The sound might be better, not very noticable though and the camera might be better, but if no one said it was better, you wouldn’t notice. No life timer when *#92702689# is pressed, (even though mine always said 3:42 or something). Maybe some random bug fixes? if you know any bugs or glitches, check if they’re still there.

  50. Xsever says:

    I do not see any new applications/themes whatsoever. As for the calculator, the only entry I get when I press “options” is “Exchange Rate.” I have no idea how you got 3 types of calculators!

  51. Tony says:

    @Alex: Those three types of calculators were available also in V6.00. I’ve updated my phone a few days ago but i didn’t notice any new features.

  52. Xsever says:

    After reading some forums, I found out that Nokia’s policy is to keep change logs for firmwares confidential. This why we are not able to find any official change log over the net.

  53. crayxmp says:

    Hmm….i wonder why they refuse to release the official changelog? Is it a policy to keep improvements secret? Weird….

    And about that calculator thing, even i dont get any special ‘3 types of calculator’ , only the exchange rate in options. They still haven’t fixed the glitch with standby font colour – it only changes for the cell info & Music/FM play info.

  54. alex says:

    Oh, i never noticed the options then in calc in 6.60, but if you say so, ill trust you.
    I did a quick look through the phone and found nothing.
    As for the change logs, I heard a while ago that they ARE confidential… what a pain.

  55. Tony says:

    Guys, i’ve asked Nokia UK about the improvements brought by the v7.00 and the answer is as follows:

    “Thank you for contacting Nokia Care.
    (…) in general software updates are designed to improve the perfomance and battery life of the phone however to specifically determine what are changes made by the present firmware, you will need to refer to a Nokia Care Point.

    The Nokia Care Point would have the updated list of features that the new fimware has to offer:

    Contact details of your nearest Nokia Care Point can be found at this link: Alternatively, you may refer to the link below that for clarification as well: .Hope you have a pleasant day ahead, (…)”

    That was no good at all! The local Nokia Care Point didn’t answer to my request…

  56. Xsever says:

    @ alex and Tony

    Could you please tell us more about the 3 types of calculators you have? We do not have them.
    How are you accessing them?


  57. alex says:

    Well, I simply press options in the calculator… if you can’t do this maybe it’s your country or something. I live in Australia but I doubt this affects the update features.

  58. Tony says:

    While using the standard calculator, you should press the “Options” button (the upper left one). It should appear three options:
    1. Scientific calculator;
    2. Loan calculator;
    3. Instructions.

  59. Xsever says:

    That is pretty weird. Me and some other Nokia owners do not have those 3 options. All we have is Exchange rate. It would be interesting if we can know why. Anyway, lucky you guys!

  60. Xsever says:

    Hey everyone,

    I was reading about Nokia on wiki and stumbled upon this (

    Does anyone know what this screensaver/time display is called or where we can get it from?

    When you leave the phone for a while, you get the time display bar. Does anyone know if we can find replacements to that bar. I meant other themes/styles?

  61. alex says:

    this screensaver is probably just a regular screensaver using flash lite1.1. i have made a similar wallpaper in flash. there are many on free) and there are many themes too. as for the bar, i am unsure if you can get rid of it. try settings power saver mode or something, this may deactivate it..? i cant be bothered trying :P

  62. crayxmp says:

    Yup- alex is write about, i already have an account there and the site’s fantastic – check it out Xsever. It might help you with that time-band !

    About that 3 calculators – i am going Xsever’s way as far v7.00 is concerned although i live in India. I think there is a area-specific firmware upgradation package due to difference in language packs etc. Maybe they have released the calculators in one version & not the other. BTW did u know that pressing *#0010# will give you the original version number uploaded in the phone at the time of manufacture irrespective of the version in use?

  63. 0xCAFE says:

    Anybody has the change log for version 7.00 and 7.21? Sometimes it looks like this one :

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 6.01 to version 6.60:
    – list of changes goes here…

  64. Xsever says:

    Thank you for! I will check it.

    As for the calculator, I think crayxmp is right. My phone was originally an Orange Branded phone. It got unlocked and then I bought it. Maybe it is a version issue. No big deal. Calculators are not the end of the world!

    @ crayxmp. Thanks for the *#0010#. I did not know that code.

    I really want a software similar to Diego and that will work with 6300. Phoenix is a little scary to use. I do not want to ruin my phone just for testing. We have to get to the 6300’s guts boys :D

  65. Tony says:

    Today i’ve updated the phone’s software to the newest version available (07.21). Accidentally, while trying to see what’s new around, I realised a curious association: when the phone is unlocked, in the main screen, if you enter a number ranged between 1 and 200 followed by # (e.g. 58#), instantly will appear a telephone number. I tried many combinations but I didn’t manage to get the ideea of this feature. Some of those numbers weren’t in my address book, maybe I used’em in the past… I don’t know if this feature is related to the software version, therefore I wrote this post, maybe some of you can help enlight me!

  66. Xsever says:


    This was just a coincidence my friend. I have about this feature long time ago. It even works on my old old Nokia 7250. I too tried to figure out the idea or the pattern behind it, but could not find anything interesting.

    Where did you get the v7.21 from? Nokia Software Updater or some other web and you installed it manually? Please let us know.

    Thanks man,

  67. Tony says:

    I installed the v7.21 through Nokia Software Updater, after I checked the Nokia site for confirmation of an available updated version.

  68. crayxmp says:

    @Tony & Xsever

    You are right, its an old feature. I guess it works on the principle of the Serial Number of the names listed in the phone-book, just a guess though!

    My update still shows the latest version as v7.00 on the official website – what does yours say Xsever?

  69. Kass says:

    could anyone give me different codes for my 6300 V7.0?
    seems like 7.0 and 4.70 is just the same.

  70. Kass says:

    multimedia plus has been removed from 6300 v7.0..

  71. Xsever says:


    Same here buddy. The latest version available through NSU is 7.00 I guess we have to wait a while until the 7.21 hit our NSU.

  72. Alex says:

    Multimedia Plus hasn’t been removed… Oh well, im getting a 6500 slide at a good price so i’m not worried. I’ll see if it has the same update versions or not… the software is similar.

  73. Kass says:

    oh.. i think upgrading to 7.0 is just nothing.. I can’t see its advantage, if there is.. anyway kindly inform me whenever 7.21 is ready to go..

    could anyone give me some tricks and tweaks for 6300?

  74. crayxmp says:

    No multimedia plus hasn’t been removed from v7.00. In fact i still retain all the following formats for creating messages:-
    1) Text
    2) Multimedia
    3) Multimedia Plus
    4) Flash
    5) Audio.

    And while we search the entire net for a v7.00 / v7.21 change-log , half the population searches our website for the same thing!! (I am taking the liberty of calling this site ours, i hope the moderators don’t mind!)

    @Kass – Both of us know there are several sites identifying the various tweaks n tricks for 6300. I am too lazy to repeat those except for something unique. Try hunting for it mate – maybe Xsever can give you a helping hand!
    (BTW you are right about one thing – there is no noticeable difference for v7.00. Maybe v7.21 will bring some hope!)

  75. Xsever says:

    @ crayxmp.

    Thanks for the reference. It seems we are the most active blog about the 6300 on the internet. We should keep it up. I am going to try to dig up the 7.21 change log. The problem is that it is not out everywhere so the chances are lesser. Anyway, I’ll do my best.


    I have learned a lot of stuff (one of them is fitting the juicier BL-5C in the 6300) from this link:

    Read through it and you will learn a lot. It is mostly about battery lifetime savings.

  76. MetalMario says:

    Ok I tried v7.21 and to be honest I can’t find any improvements… BTW I was using a Super X SIM so I could carry 2 SIM cards and now… Its useless… I’m afraid it might be the firmware update because the SIm card is still recognised but my phone doesn’t reach any signal… I tried the x sim in another phone nd it works… What do you think???

  77. crayxmp says:

    @Xsever –
    We aim to please, eh mate! Yeah, i have searched far and wide and i cant seem to find a changelog for v7.21, the nearest i could get was a crap chinese translation of no use! Well, maybe we will make a changelog ourselves!

    @MetalMario –
    That may be the case but i cant say it with certainty coz neither have i used a double sim apparatus nor has the v7.21 been released officially for my phone as well as Xsever’s…. Maybe you can check it on any other guy running V7.21 on his 6300… Do let us know the results..

  78. MetalMario says:

    Must be that and to be honest, I’m the only guy I know that uses a 6300 (other people I know prefer Sony) and even if I knew another guy it’ll be extremely difficult to have his cellphone up to date (as you may know mexicans aren’t that close to technology…).

    Or could it be because the last update available was 4.72 and I forced it to 7.21??? lol
    I don’t think that’s the case either cause I updated to 5.50 and 6.6 before 7.21 and it worked fine…
    BTW I also got the crappy chinese translation for 7.21 log… Useless…
    Oh and I found something, in v6.6 when you used voice recogniser the screen went blank, problem solved!

  79. Alex says:

    Hi everyone. when Im updating N 6300 with NSU, in 3 step, the following “Updating software, please wait…
    estimated time left : 1 second” After few minutes, appear another message “Phone recovery..” so, I did as written in this message, but the problem is again and again… Whats the problem is ?

  80. Xsever says:


    Never happened with me so I can not be of any help. Try google!

  81. Alex says:

    changelog 7.21:

    General improvements for Java implementation
    MIDlet versions updated

  82. jawad says:

    hi how ar eyou nay link for new frimware from nokia site is 7.20 avaliable

  83. Xsever says:

    Hey everyone,

    I found this about V7.21 and I thought i’d share it.

    I have also came across this and tried the software mentioned there (NSS). NSS could not read my phone so I could not go that far with it. Please give it a try and provide feedback here.

    Thank you

  84. Xsever says:


    I got the NSS to work. I had to restart my PC for the drivers to get going.
    Nice application for emergency. I will not update my phone’s software through it.
    It can unlock BB5 phones. Look up the process on google if you are interested.

  85. MetalMario says:

    @ Xsever
    Does it really unlocks bb5 phones???
    I read about it but then later again I read it couldn’t and some trouble about doing this.
    I want to try but has anyone else done this???
    I’m not that sure about trying to unlock my phone…

  86. MetalMario says:

    OK so I did my homework and it does “unlock” BB5 phones.. But not the unlock we thought… It gives you your 5-digit security code…
    When could we be able to unlock (like a simlock) our Bb5 phones???

  87. Xsever says:

    I have came through this

    Hopefully it helps you. My phone is unlocked so I did not try it. I just wanted to see if I can change some settings in the phone like the +1 if front of local numbers, allow the “#” to engage silent mode and all that.

    It appears that it cant. It can flash the phone, unlock BB5?, and install firmwares.

    Keep testing guys and report with your results.

  88. MetalMario says:


    Hell it can unlock, but as I said before it can only provide your security code (12345 is default) but only your security code.

    I read a bout a BB5 tool that could unlock SIMLOCK’s and othr stuff but they do not tell us how. Only thing they say is “EXPLORE”
    Had no succes donloading the file though

  89. andrei says:

    hello all,
    i updated to 7.21 from 6.60, and i noticed that i can’t send .jar files through bluetooth.
    my question is, can anyone try that on the 6.60 firmware ? i think i sent a .jar file then, but i’m not sure.

  90. 0xCAFE says:

    To answer my own question, here’s the changelog from 7.00 to 7.21.

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 7.00 to version 7.21:
    – General improvements for Java implementation
    – MIDlet versions updated
    – Operator name list updated

    Full changelog from 4.71 is available in my article Nokia 6300 // Mise-à-jour du firmware chez Fido

  91. josh says:

    I have a problem with my Nokia 6300….(like every1 else)
    i have the update 7.00 (latest one in South Australia at the moment)
    and ever since i did the update, i can’t put videos/movies on my phone from computer, (like AVI, MPG,)
    it comes up with, can’t find a file,.. (i can’t remember exactly what it says)..
    I’ll try it again tonight to tell u what it says, but anyone got any ideas??

    Darn Nokia

  92. Xsever says:

    @ josh

    Let me know what comes up and what is the error saying because it is too vague.

    Never happened to me except that a week ago, the phone would not connect and work with the PC in Nokia Mode. I had to uninstall and re-install the cable driver.

    I am not sure if that will help, so let me know what the error is.

  93. MetalMario says:

    So today I contacted my company (Telcel in Mexico) and asked them about unlocking my phone. They said that it was through Nokia that the unlock codes are provided and that only Nokia knows.
    There is also an agreement between Telcel and Nokia for keeping those codes and not sell them nor give them away.


    I was hoping to hear from you guys all aorund the world becasue I’m 100% sure that in other countries this can be done.

    **** Mexico!!! **** Telcel!!!

  94. andrei says:


    use NSS to change your product code then update through NSU. simplest unlocking procedure.

  95. crayxmp says:

    Hey guyz – yeah i know its been a long time….!

    I see that everybody is busy trying to unlock their 6300s! Well, here we already get an unlocked version in the market (in fact i think that’s the only option) so i am not worried about unlocking one!

    My software updater still shows v7.00 as the latest version so i haven’t updated to v7.21. I dont think a jar file can be sent over BT, i tried sending games but the sent option was missing (in all the firmware version i think).

  96. MetalMario says:
    Look at that page!!!

    That’s not called unlocking, that’s debranding. and yeah I have done that before (my firmware is v7.21)

    I want one of those! But I want mine better so I’m still looking for an unlocking (remember SIMLOCK) procedure…

  97. crayxmp says:

    I have visited that site in past buddy, its the ultimate developer platform for java products. Tx for reminding everyone!

    BTW, i reside in India and here they provide unlocked phones coz they aint attached to the service provider. Except for the CDMA sets, i think – and even those are cracked here. BTW, did you try that*pw+12…… procedure? I dont think i got the hang of it coz i dont have much use for it here!

  98. MetalMario says:

    @ crayxmp

    oh dear Lord… Why do we have attached phones to our local provider? That is not fair!

    Yeah that’s what I’m looking for the *#pw….* code
    I know there are no code calculator for BB5 phones (like our loved nokia 6300)
    And Nokia knows those codes…

  99. Ken says:

    Hi all, any of you watch movies on your nokia 6300? The 176×144 limitation a big waste on the 320×240 screen. I’ve looked everywhere on the Internet but I couldn’t find much information on video playback. Is 176×144 a hardware limitation? If that’s the case, is there’s any software that could get around that limitation?

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