Nokia 6300 Mac OS X Theme

I found a Mac OS X theme for the Nokia 6300 in this thread, it’s pretty nice.

I also found this iPhone theme for the Nokia Series 40 phones, but somehow it does not seem to work on the 6300 as different people have posted in the thread. Hopefully it will be available soon…

UPDATE: The iPhone theme works with the Nokia 6300 now!

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  1. Pux says:

    Found another iPhone-theme here:

    Works a charm with my 6300.

  2. Hi!

    Is there a way to transfer themes via bluetooth but without PC Suite?

    Thanx in advance

  3. @ Jakob Holmsberg

    Yes, it’s actually how I do it. This post shows how to setup the bluetooth between the computer and phone – though with the aim of setting up access to the web, but it should make the bluetooth connection work (just skip step 9-10, if no need for internet connection). When to the bluetooth connection is setup properly, it should be easy to put themes on the phone. Just select Browse Device… in the dropdown under the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and browse to the theme folder either on the phone or the memory card and drop the .nth theme files.

    Held og lykke med det ;o)

  4. The iPhone theme for the Nokia 6300 has been updated and now works very nicely!

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  6. andy says:

    yeah, the updated iPhone theme for 6300 works great on my phone. Great job, bro.

  7. gutielua says:

    At last, I found a great theme for mi nokia 6300!!

    Tnx a lot!


  8. Andy says:

    is there any way we can extract the (iPhone) wallpaper, screensaver etc out of supplied .nth theme file?


  9. Rename the theme file from .nth to .zip and extract the file, and you will be able to get the wallpaper.

  10. anup pawar says:

    good themes povide for nokia6300.

  11. Sam Nayal says:

    thanks a lot for your lovley theem man
    it is the best ever I am so happy with it
    thanks a lot for every body on this site

    love you all

  12. bbking says:

    After searching and searching for a decent theme for my 6300, I’ve finally got something to tide me over til the iphone goes 3G – and it looks awesome – many thanks!

  13. bilal says:

    last time i was download a very beautiful theme for my cell 6300

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