Nokia 6300, iSync Plugin, and Contact Photos

Nokia 6300 plugin

Here is some iSync plugins for the Nokia 6300; the first two works pretty stable, and the last has support of contact photos and birthdays, but is might cause some errors to the iSync synchronization process. All plugins should be compatible with Leopard.

Here is what to do:

  1. Download one of the following plugins:

    (using the last mentioned read these notes)

  2. Extract the (your browser might do it for you).
  3. Quit iSync if its running
  4. Double click the Nokia 6300 Plugin
  5. Drag and drop the green folder on the blue one
    Install Guide
  6. Start iSync, and the Nokia 6300 should be supported

Additional notes and issues:

  • iSync only synchronizes the contacts you have on the phone and not on the SIM-card. View this comment.
  • All-day events in iCal appears as events with start and end time at the same hour in the phones calendar 6300 when synchronized, e.g. 14:00-14:00 according to the time zone.

Notes and issues on synchronizing contact photos:

  • If you add contact photos on the phone and then synchronizes, it should work fine.
  • But if the photos are added in the Address Book on your mac, some issues are present. Although it works in Address Book adding photos to contacts, it does not always work according to the synchronization part. If a photo is added and you have used the embedded ‘image edit’ pop-up window, then when it comes to iSync your entire sync will fail. But adding photos is still possible, if you have a photo you like to add to a certain contact, just drag it to the information area of the contact, and if the image edit pop-up appears just press Cancel, and in most cases the photo is added anyways.
  • If iSync fails because of the above, you are not told what failed, or why it failed.
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32 Responses to Nokia 6300, iSync Plugin, and Contact Photos

  1. Great work, I’m testing it right now! Thanks so much!

  2. Pippo Dota says:

    What news about a stable synchronizing for your second plugin?

  3. kahler says:

    The plugin works fine for me. But unfortunately there seems a bug with iCal.
    The time of events differ around 1-2 hours on my phone compared to iCal. I also activated “time zone support” but this didn’t change anything.
    Any help would be appreciated.



  4. lowfi says:

    I have a problem with the time. Tried now 5 versions of this plugin all seem to have the problem with 2 hours shift in time when syncing with ical :(


  5. Bhaskar says:

    Hi Klaus

    When i try and run iSync after installing the plugin, it says iSync cant open, not supported in this version. my iSync version is 2.4, checked software updates, there’s nothing for iSync.

    Pls pls help.

    Anyone else who’s faced this problem, pls help!


  6. Michael Tangstad says:

    It worked fine the first time I synced it, but everytime I sync it, it moves the events made in ical (or edited in ical) 2 hours…?

    Do you have any thoughts on this ?

    – Michael

  7. Hugh Gormley says:

    Worked great! Said that it didnt bring all the calendars across but seems to be working fine to me!

  8. Richard Johnson says:

    Just tried the latest plug-in and it worked pretty well. With the dates, all day events seem to be assigned randomly to 2 categories. Those that are assigned as Memos are all day with no start and stop times. Some are assigned as meetings, and this gives them a start and stop time that is always the same, i.e. 13:00 and 13:00, but these times seem to be random as I have birthdays and other events on the Nokia that start all over the place after the sync.

    Perhaps if someone could figure out why these are assigned to different categories it might provide some answers. Checking the phone handbook reveals that you can also set birthday’s and reminders.

    Still, contacts are fine which to me is the important thing.


  9. Berndt says:

    Thanks for the plugin. Works fine. There is one problem though: it doesn’t sync birthdays. Randomly it syncs some. Strange! Could you help me? Do I do something wrong?

  10. Sebastian Rupp says:

    Hey, i tried your plug in but it doesn’t work for me at all. I did exactly as described but my Nokia doesn’t even get found. (and yes my bluetooth was activated)

    Any ideas?

    thanks for your help

  11. Sebastian says:


    Well, i could connect the phone and the mac BUT just if I use a wire??

    Is there a way that I could use Bluetooth as well?

    Thanks for your help

  12. Sebastian says:

    I could connect mobile to Mac but just if I use a wire.

    A supoptimal solution for me… has anyone found a way to use bluetooth?

  13. Rocco says:

    Great PluIn!
    But could it be that the Plug-In doesn´t Sync Phones with Software Version 5.5?
    With 5.0 iSync was possible!

  14. I am currently using the Nokia 6300 plugin without support for contact photos and birthdays, and I have recently updated my phone to software version 5.50 — It is working for me.

  15. Kay Spranger says:


    I can’t seem to get to work the birthday/picture plugin on iSync 3.0 … the other one works fine, however and I love it!

    Keep up the great work!


  16. Kay Spranger says:

    Mhh, just realized the other plugin does not work either. Could it be because I did it manually the first time? … I can’t find the instructions on your web page anymore.


  17. Kay Spranger says:

    Ok … now a recap

    I removed the “manual” plugin you once provided on this site and installed the “photo” plugin. It seemed to work at first but randomly stalls. The other plugin works stable.

    On the 6300 I have software version 5.0
    My ISync is v3.0

    All the best

    P.S.: It would be great if the “photo” plugin were more stable, but otherwise keep up the great work!

  18. Kay Spranger says:

    After a few more tries … the stalls seem to be caused by the pictures used.

    – Adding profile pictures from facebook seems to work great, if you first drop em on your desktop and then move them in the adressbook
    – pictures from my EOS 20D work well, after I first resize them to 240×180 px
    – other pictures work randomly… I could usually solve the problem by playing around with the picture directly in adress book

    To find out which pictures were working, I simply added a group from which I synched to my phone, added all contacts to that group and tried them one by one. Took a little while, but now all contacts are working just fine.

  19. ENGELA says:

    I cannot install the plug-in for my nokia 6300 properly on my OS X 3.9. with isynch 1.5. All helping instructions seem to work only from OS.x 4 and later …
    I do not even find a plug-in folder in the content folder of the isynch program
    Is there any idea to help me synchronise me new nokia phone? that would be so great!!!

  20. Garry says:

    What a great plugin.
    Took 10sec to install, Sync and presto everything on phone. I have a few double ups in contacts so have to see why, but all the calendar info, tasks and contacts are there.

    You are a life saver.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    Well Done.

  21. kalib says:


    im trying to install the hack to synchronize my phone with my computer (macbook osx 10.5 isync 3.0)

    but i have troubles…

    i first tried the manual editing of the MetaClasses file, after starting isync and finding the phone, when i tried to sync i had the message “no device activated” and then a red cross appeared on the icon of the phone.

    so i putted the original metaclasses and tried to install the hack with the plugins but then i got this message when starting isync : “The following plug-in doesn’t work with this version of iSync. Click the arrow to show the plug-in, move or delete it, and then open iSync again.”

    I read in the comment that someone already succeed with isync 3.0…

    anyone got an idea how to slove this problem?

    many thanks.

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  23. daithi says:

    top job, worked perfectly. Had iSync working with 6300 in 5 mins. Thank you so much!

  24. Bjørn Hansen says:

    Hi Kjeld

    Thank you for the 6300 iSync application.

    I was wondering if you know a way to use the sms-function which follows with the address book?


  25. Daan says:

    I used the plug-in for pictures (the last one) to get pictures that I’ve taken with the camera on the phone onto my MacBook. I can’t get it to work. Can anybody help? Or is it only possible to transfer contact-linked pictures? Thanks!

  26. Erik says:

    Daan: You use the Bluetooth Exchange Utility to copy images from your phone to your mac. Just select Connect to Device from the Bluetooth menu.

  27. Erik says:

    Where are the contact pictures stored on the phone? I can’t add any pictures because there’s not enough memory and f*cking Nokia won’t let me delete their stupid themes taking up all the space. Grrrr…

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  29. KK says:

    Had this working before I upgraded to leopard and got a new 6300 on the same day! Now I just can’t get the replacement handset to work with Leopard…did everything the same way. Keep getting a ‘the following plugin will not work with this version of isync’ (i have v 3.0). Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.

  30. senecio Schefer says:

    Hello all!

    Has anyone managed to use the Nokia 6300 with iSync 1.5 on Panther? I tried and it didn’t work. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance!

    Cheers senecio

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  32. Ian Mar says:

    Great plugin! Works just fine for me. Many thanks!

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