Black Royale Theme for Windows XP

As an alternative to the standard blue, olive and silver themes in windows XP, the Royale Noir Theme Pack provide a new black and blue theme.

Just download the theme and extract the .zip into “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\”, open the folder Royale Noir (“C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Royale Noir\”) and doubleclick the “luna.msstyles”. Select “Royale” or “Royale Noir” from color scheme.

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Royale Noir Theme - Black
Royale Theme - Blue

More about Windows themes here.

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15 Responses to Black Royale Theme for Windows XP

  1. blablu says:

    asdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd coooool

  2. Jesse says:

    Cool Black Theme for Windows XP

  3. Anant says:

    wonderful theme …

  4. anynynymoussees says:

    it is truly wonderfull…
    its awsome mate!!

  5. prabhu says:

    it is very nice i love it

  6. JeP says:

    Looks great

    Thank you.

  7. SlaYer says:

    could anyone tell me if it was tested in SP3?


  8. BasSooka says:

    Awesome thx a million =)

  9. klimis says:

    Thnx it’s very nice!!!!

  10. hayley says:

    i used it on XP SP3
    and the changes are not saved when you log off then back onto the computer.
    can anyone fix this ?

  11. sajith says:

    thax,i like it ,,thax again,

  12. Andrew says:

    How do you undo the theme if you no longer want it?

  13. Eddiiie says:

    how i downlode it ? plz help .

  14. John says:

    awesome man, thanks!!!

    worked like a charm. my pc is awesome now

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