iPhone Safari Crash Fix

No doubt iPhone’s Safari browser is the best mobile browser, though it seems to have an unfortunate issue, namely, that it tend to periodically crash after a longer time of use with multiple pages. Safari shuts down and returns to the home screen. On the Apple Discussion Forum it seems that more people have experienced the same as I.

I am sure that Apple is aware of the problem, and continuously will provide stability fixes for the iPhone. However, running the latest version, which at this moment is the iPhone 2.1 firmware/software, the iPhone still have stability problems. Hopefully this will change in the next version, the iPhone 2.2 software.

However, it is possible to prevent the iPhone Safari from crashing, though it is not a permanent fix:

  • You can try to clear the Cache, Cookies and History. To do this, go to Settings > Safari and tap Clear Cache, Clear Cookies and Clear History.
  • If that is ineffective, try makeing a soft reset of your iPhone by holding down the Sleep and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears (about 8 second). Note that this is also how you power the iPhone off. When the “Slide to power off” slider appears, just keep holding the buttons down and pretty soon you will see the Apple logo appears, indicating that the iPhone is reseting. This can help reset some apps that may be running in the background. Importantly you will not lose any data.
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