iPhone 3G: No Sound

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UPDATE: My iPhone was replaced with a brand new iPhone after being sent to Apple Support, so now that I have my second iPhone, I hope not to see the problem again – or any problems at all.

Recently, I experienced an issue with my iPhone, during phone calls the sound disappeared from the ear speaker, but when plugging in the headset or switching to the speaker (loudspeaker ) the sound was available. I was afraid the iPhone already after a couple of month had to be delivered to Apple Support/Service, but when I turned to my good friend, Google, I found some of methods through which people solved their sound problem:

  • Restart the iPhone by holding down the sleep and home buttons until the “Slide to power off” appears.
  • Soft reset your iPhone by holding down the sleep and home buttons until the Apple logo appears.
  • Restore your iPhone from iTunes (restoring the phone will erase contacts, calendars, photos and other data on the phone, but will restore automatically backed up information including text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc.).
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. It will reset all your settings to its original state and NO harm is done to contacts, calendars, photos or any other data on the phone.
  • Plug and unplug headset jack several times.
  • Blowing air into the headset jack.
  • Blowing air into the ear speaker.

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After trying some of the first mentioned methods with no luck, I did the last two – I don’t which one that did the trick, but somehow the sound returned. However, the iPhone must somehow be quite sensitive to dust in these components.

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  1. UPDATE: It turn out that the problem persisted, and it was pretty random if it possible to make a phone call without using the speaker or the headset. Therefore, I had to deliver my iPhone to Apple Support only after a couple of months – still waiting for the iPhone to be retured. If you have the same kind of problem, this would be bad news, unfortunately.

  2. James Young says:

    I had the same problem. I would miss calls due to the phone not ringing. Volume was on the loudest setting and enabled. I then discovered if you put your cable in the jack on the base of the iphone and pulled the bottom of the connector towards you it obviously fused the connection back to the speakers again. Very annoying.

  3. UPDATE: Yesterday I got my iPhone back from Apple Support, or actually I didn’t. My iPhone was replaced with a brand new iPhone, so now that I have my second iPhone, I hope not to see the problem again – or any problems at all.

  4. BlueBoden says:

    Thats odd, now it should work.

  5. Dee says:

    I had the same problem (could barely hear callers thru the “ear port” on the Iphone, but could hear fine if I used the “speaker” mode. I then remembered that the problem started after I applied a screen protector, so I removed the portion over the “ear port”, and the problem was solved!!
    P.S. I even had the guys at the apple store try to figure out why my phone suddenly had the problem, and they couldn’t. I was scheduled to send it back for repair.

  6. Jim says:

    Same problem here…. i tried blowing at first (no change)
    then i put the earphones in and out a few times
    now, i have sound again… so i’d recommend doing these things first…

  7. skeptic says:

    Similarly, I had the same problem, no sound from speakers or phone, but ok with earpods. I (skeptically) blew into the speaker and phone jacks; hey presto, sound all ok again. WIERD APPLE!

  8. Keax says:

    it’s insane, but blowing air into the speakers actually worked.

    i tried everything. reset all settings, re-synced my iPhone with my iTunes and blew in the jack/speaker.

  9. Bobby says:

    I don’t know what you are bmowing in your phones but mine still doesn’t.

  10. Bobby says:

    I have tried everything but it is still does not work.

  11. Peter says:

    I actually experienced something similar with my iphone. Suddenly there were no sound coming from the speakers at all – but with the phones plugged in sound was present. What I did was to hard reset the device – same procedure as you described – and the sound went back on – boy was I glad – I have heard rumours of apples long repairtime so I was getting a bit nervous.

  12. Eric O. says:

    Had problem with no sound from caller except on speaker mode. Tried restoring to factory settings…didn’t work. Did soft reset and sound came back. Working fine now. I have no idea what happened and why.

  13. Alonso says:

    Same thing happened to me, I had to do the:
    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. It will reset all your settings to its original state and NO harm is done to contacts, calendars, photos or any other data on the phone.
    It was reset and is now working, it is a drag because I have to put all the apps in place, but it is working fine now, I appreciate the help from this place.

  14. Ravi M. says:

    Tried everything, but still no luck.

  15. Freshmarcus says:

    i Reset settings Then While its On The Apple Logo UnPlug And RePlug I phone Headset

  16. Sean says:

    I bought the acoustic guitar app and I can only hear the sound when I have the head phones on.

  17. Fran says:

    I am experiencing the same problem. I had switched from T-Mobile to At&t because I wanted the iPhone. I then realized how expensive At&t was so i returned to t-mobile and had the phone jail broken. It worked fine. T-mobile knows I have the iphone. now I am experiencing the same problem as everyone else. a week ago my sound disappeared. I have tried blowing into it and doing the ear plug thing and nothing. I had also purchased the apple care protection plan. When I went back to the apple store they would not help me because the phone was jail broken! So I blew $75 for this protection and they refused to help me. T-mobile cannot help me either. Can anyone help me I blew more then $400 at the apple store purchasing this phone and its protection for what? My phone is only two months old.
    Please Help

  18. Sadek says:

    omg it did work. i blew didint work now i did the headphone in and out it working fine thanks everyone

  19. Teodor says:

    I solved my problem by plugging – unplugging earphones, but not the Apple ones. I tried with the genuine phones but it didn’t work. Thank you all for the invaluable help!!!

  20. Erhan Kayaba? says:

    I guess, first thing to check is the “sound on/off switch” at the left (near the volume switch).

  21. Jorg says:

    It seems iphone thinks that the earphones are still plugged while they arent. Some sort of earphones sensor needs to be slapped a bit.

  22. Juan Carlos says:

    The problem happens to me if while playing a song i unplug the headphone… must first pause then unplug.

  23. mebaddad says:

    Nothing worked for me (I did not want to have ‘clean start’), then I left it to die (ie. let battery to drain completely) and after recharging all come good.

  24. I am experiencing the same problem. I have noticed that the problem takes place when the iphone warms. During a call the telephone raises temperature and suddenly the speaker is cut off. For this motive, when one blows of it, the telephone cools and returns to connect the speakers. Obviously this is not the solution, also other solutions like plug and unplug the conector of the headphone, or to put the telephone between two tins of beer frozen, is ridiculous that apple remain in silence about this ‘not little problem’, while all the users looks as fools doing experiments to solve that!!, fron Buenos Aires I can listen the laughs of the executives of apple!, but not mine…

    At this point, I think the problem reside in the software, because when you cool the phone, fix the problem, in this case, the solution is un upgrade of the OS, Prioritizing the telephonic communication over all other functions (because a communication can mean a lot of money for someone). If not, if it is a hardware failure, well, then we are a Happy owners, of a foreign failure.
    The solution?, Change the phone brand!

  25. Gary says:

    unable to get sounds but only on video from a news site. any suggestions?

  26. GT says:

    The last two steps are amazing… my iphone is working again!!!! Thanks for you help!!!!

  27. Pat Walsh says:

    Doh! Had the same problem for a while, couldn’t figure it out, tried loads of suggestions… then discovered I had somehow flicked the ‘Ring/Silent’ switch to Silent. This still allows some sounds to be heard, so you dont realise its on, as soon as I flicked it to ‘Ring’ all was ok again. Worth checking this first!

  28. Devata says:

    I had the same problem and did all the 7 steps above…. now it works again. Thx

  29. Srinivas says:

    Pressing sleep button, along with home button to power-off …just worked. Thanks!

  30. Connor says:

    My iphone will only let me speak (call) people on loud speaker and no music will play, but when someone rings me it my ringtone plays out loud, please help me.

  31. tina says:

    At first, my iphone do not ring or have any sms sound.
    After reading this, i simply slide the button near the volume there and viola, my phone produces sound. Thanks for your help!!!! :)

  32. JC says:

    please help no sound is coming from my external speakers… i did everything here and nothing seems to help. If anyone knows what to do please tell me.

  33. beno says:

    check that it is the headphone jack by turning the volume up and down, if it is the headphone jack it will say headphones on the screen then check the jack for debris mine had some tissue wedged at the bottom this will also be noticeable by the headphones not fully locating in the sdocket. clear it out and hey presto.

  34. robharwey says:

    Try the mute switch on the side first!

  35. alisson says:

    strange as it seems…. everything I tried failed to fix the sound…until I left it in the freezer for 1 minute. Now its fixed- weird!!!

  36. postelnicu says:

    I was crying after I jailbroke my phone, now I can’t stop laughing. I’m a believer! Blow baby blow!

  37. Sir-Charles says:

    I replaced the battery in my iPhone 3g and now there no sound from the ear speaker. I tried all the fixes listed and nothing works. I opened it again and made sure everything is connected and no fix. Any help will do.

  38. Tareg says:

    I went shower with my iPhone to listen to music. So while I
    had been heard to music , my iPhone got silent . I tried to close
    it and open without any result the same problem

  39. HENRIK says:

    jag har en Iphone 3g 16gb som är jailbreakad,
    Ljudet funkar i hörlurarna och i högtalaren men när någon ringer och jag svarar så hör han som ringde mig men jag hör inte honom, förutom när jag sätter på högtalaren eller när jag använder hörlurarna. Vad är fel, lämnar snart in den på lagning så att problemet blir löst, men vill gärna ha tips innan

  40. dan says:

    holding the lock and home button until the apple logo appears works like a charm!

  41. bbb says:

    yer hold lock and apple logo and then take your sim card out and put it back in and really jam the headphone jack in.

  42. wan says:

    My 3G iphone got stuck in headphones mode even though headphone are not jack in. This problem exist when i’m upgrading my iphone through iTunes. I don’t know what to do, before already sent back to shop, but again that problem comes again. Now warranty already finish. Very upset this happen to me.

    Several method mention here I tried, but still problem exist. Anybody could help me into this matter.

  43. Vikki says:

    Hi I’ve just got an I phone and it’s doing the same no sound what so Eva I’ve done everything two try and fix it but the stupid phone dosnt wanna work

  44. Gary Maybank says:

    I too had the same problem, no sound through the external speaker. I hated the idea of having to reset my phone or hand it over to Apple. Crazy as it sounds, after following the advice on blowing air into the speakers at the base of the phone, I was amazed that it actually worked. I have sound again!!!! Yipee!!! Thanks for the advice.

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