TYPO3: Add tt_news LATEST as TypoScript Object

This shows how to place a news block on a webpage. When using TemplaVoila you can map tt_news LATEST as a TypoScript Object to a specific place in your HTML Template, and it’s possible to narrow it down to certain pages, where the LATEST Object is added in place of other content.

### News LATEST in left column on certain pids
[PIDinRootline = 57,98]
lib.newsLatest < plugin.tt_news lib.newsLatest { code >
code = LATEST
pid_list >
pid_list = 78,134 # the pids where news are stored
catImageMode = 0
catTextMode = 0
lib.sidebar < lib.newsLatest [else] # Put something else in the lib.sidebar temp.sidebar = TEXT temp.sidebar.value =

Something else

lib.sidebar < temp.sidebar [end]

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