TYPO3: tt_news LIST and SINGLE at the same page

The following TS code enables the feature of showing the tt_news list and the tt_news single view at the same page.

# Clear the code field
plugin.tt_news.code >
plugin.tt_news.code = LIST
# Prevent indexing of the LIST view
config.index_enable = 0

[globalVar = GP:tx_ttnews|swords = ]
# Do nothing (reverse hack)
# Set code to SEARCH if swords (search is done) exists
plugin.tt_news.code = SEARCH

[globalVar = GP:tx_ttnews|tt_news > 0]
# Set code to SINGLE, if the GETvar tx_ttnews[tt_news] exists
plugin.tt_news.code = SINGLE
# Enable indexing of the SINGLE view
config.index_enable = 1

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2 Responses to TYPO3: tt_news LIST and SINGLE at the same page

  1. Petri Asikainen says:

    Thanks, great tip.

  2. Thorsten Klein says:

    Thanks a lot, saved me a lot of work! :)

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