MacBook: SATA150 vs. SATA300

Backward compatibility between SATA150 and SATA300 devices was intended, therefore SATA300 controllers were designed to fall back to SATA150 speed when connected to such drives. However, in practice some older SATA controllers do not implement SATA speed negotiation properly, and you can not be a 100% sure that a SATA300 hard drive will fit your laptop with a SATA150 controller.

However, if you are about to replace the hard drive in your MacBook, which is delivered from the factory with a SATA150 hard drive, you are able to replace it with a SATA300. I myself have replaced the original hard drive in my MacBook with a Seagate Momentus 7200.3 320GB SATA 2.5 7200RPM 16MB G-Force hard drive with no problems at all.

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi, I’m looking into my options on the harddrive front. I have a first generation Macbook 2 ghz and I have been looking at the exact same drive you have bought.

    What are your experiences with the harddrive? Does it generate more heat than the standard drive? Is it more noisy? And does it use more power than the standard drive?

  2. In short, and take into account the short time I have had the new hard drive in use, my conclusions are:

    I don’t think that there is a noticeable change in the generation of heat, during normal use iStat shows a temperature of 35-40 degree celsius.

    The disk might have a vague whistling sound when spinning, but nothing that is at all annoying.

    My battery is after 2 years only at a health of 50% (iStat), so I don’t think that it can be a measure for power usage.

    I think that I gained a bit of speed performance, but the new hard drive is also a 7200prm compared to the original 5400rpm hard drive.

  3. Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann says:

    Hi. I’m looking for the exact same drive on a black macbook 2.2GHz. I’m sick of the constant bottleneck that the hard disk is for the entire system so I want to know if you have noticed change in boot times, program opening times, VM paging times, etc. Is it worth to replace or it’s pretty much the same (taking into account that the interface is SATA150)?

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  5. DN says:

    […] read several posts of people with Macbooks that installed a SATA 300 drive and it worked great. MacBook: SATA150 vs. SATA300 One example. Found several. __________________ Forum […]

  6. DAVID says:


    Could i use a Hard Drive SATA 3 (6gb/s) in my iMac Intel Core 2 Duo (Late 2006), wich uses SATA 1’5?

    Thank You!

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