Black Windows XP (Vista like) Theme

As an alternative to the standard blue, olive and silver themes in windows XP, Microsoft has released an aesthetic black and blue themes respectively named Royale Noir and Royale. The skins are refreshingly different compared to the traditional Windows XP themes named Luna.

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Below is a screenshot of the Royale Noir skin:

Royale Noir Theme - Black

Below is a screenshot of the blue Royale skin:

Royale Theme - Blue

The Royale themes are new themes for Windows XP that have been leaked out of Microsoft. The theme appears to have come out of a beta version of Windows Media Center 2005 that was in testing. The Royale themes are aesthetic themes and comes with two color schemes Royale (a blue theme) and Royale Noir (a black theme). The Royale theme is refreshingly different to the traditional Windows XP Luna theme.

Just download the theme and extract the .zip into “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\”, open the folder Royale Noir (“C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Royale Noir\”) and doubleclick the “luna.msstyles”. Select “Royale” or “Royale Noir” from color scheme.

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124 Responses to Black Windows XP (Vista like) Theme

  1. viznu says:

    screenshot wouldve been nice

  2. kebab says:

    i can’t get this shit to work..i only get the background not the theme!

  3. kebab says:

    please help me :'(

  4. ellie says:

    it doesnt work to me either… only the wallpaper.. is there a way to meke it REALLY WORK?? :( pleaseee…

  5. nick says:

    please help me i only get the wallpapers too any help? thx

  6. reuben says:

    hi i only get the wallpaper not the theme help me plz!

  7. sak says:

    Hi I got only wallpaper..
    where is whole theme….

  8. Dropped the theme installer for now, since it isn’t working properly — updated the article with the manual way to install the theme, enjoy!

  9. JustinnPwnt says:

    WOW DUDE I LOVE THIS THEME!!!!!! this is awsome but if u could can u make like a see thru shaded black one that would be sweeet :) thanks for the theme tho !

  10. mojo says:

    wow thanks man…
    can you do like the real theme of windows vista??

  11. DUDUE says:

    Awesome MAn this owns …ive got another one similar to the royale black but mines better hehe…

  12. Shell says:

    Many Thanks for this, it actually installed compared to the other’s available.

  13. yapcharlie says:

    Many thanks! I got tired of window blind’s incompatibility with some of my tools (making them misbehave upon right click etc.) and this one rocks :)

  14. sathish says:

    super theme! thankxx

  15. GcL says:

    thanks so much for the theme – worked for me :)

  16. semsa says:

    it is fantastic.tanks

  17. gazi says:

    It looks great!
    Thank you
    Greetings from Turkey

  18. tony says:

    thanks alot…looks awesome with the aero fox theme for firefox

  19. paolo says:

    Thanks! really worked

  20. Loco says:

    Works perfectly. Thanks in advance ..

  21. stew says:

    Hey man, thank you so so much. Been a long time coming but so worth the wait! :)

  22. posh says:

    The black one doesn’t work for me.. sob* hope i can figure out how to make it work..

  23. Lost says:

    turned everything black – can’t find anything – how do i get this off! help

  24. Md.Zahidur Rahman says:

    pls send black xp theme to my address.that is extremely beautifull.

  25. Argent says:

    Awesome! I love it. Having been on Vista for several months I’ve recently “upgraded to an older, more familiar experience” with XP and am able to now keep the one thing I DID like about Vista… :)

    Many kudos to you.

  26. Joshua James says:

    Oh man this is THE BEST THEME EVER MADE, man I wish I could pay you but I don’t make a ton, but thank you so much

  27. Shawn says:

    Thanks, Works Great!

  28. Jordan says:

    Woah! I previously had a Vista skin, But it was ridiculous!! It Looked EXACTLY like vista, But caused my computer to perform Awfully, I had countless errors.

    But This! This is awesome! Great Job! I Love it, My computer is back to Normal Performance and i’ve still got the ‘Dark’ Look I wanted for my pc! Great Job, once again. Thanks a lot =]

  29. Russell says:

    Love The Skin It Looks Better Than The One Preloaded With XP

  30. Robie says:

    Good work man,


  31. Autumn says:

    This is amazing! I didn’t think it’d really work, but it does. Thanks! :D

  32.   says:

    you don’t need to put in certain spot just place in documents unzip it with winrar and then open it open the next one then one that looks like a little page with a paint brush on it named “luna” open it and customize

  33. viraj says:

    itz sooooooooooo kooool , it loooz ausem


  34. Sean says:

    Brilliant – thanks

  35. dsf says:


  36. Aynosh says:

    You are the BEST

  37. Amirhossein says:

    Thank you so much… it’s the best one!

  38. Arasu says:

    It’s so nice

  39. Omkar says:

    Beautifully Simple

  40. WtfBibo says:


  41. High Jack says:

    Nice work dude. My XP now looks like vista without using extra resources

  42. J says:

    Dude this is freakin tight, thanks alot for the theme!!

  43. Philandero says:

    Perfect man!!!
    Just Perfect

  44. gerald says:

    it doesnt work :(

  45. kaito Lucifer says:

    Dude just follow the instruction and you will get it !!!!!!!!

  46. Shady says:

    I like it, this is what i am looking for,, Thanks a million….

  47. angga says:

    thanx….nice share

  48. moshi says:

    thanks!!! brilliant!! great instructions also.

  49. loser! says:

    perfect:) hey hey guys…i was checking ths site …found good stuff there ! but i would also want u guys to have a look at if u r intersted in widescreen vista wallpapers …..

  50. Jez says:

    Brilliant – thank you SO much !!

    Karma to you my friend.



  51. Schad says:

    If you want the black toolbars and windows select the “Royale Noir” from the second drop down.

  52. ZiMo says:

    It works and its lovely. Thanks dude!

  53. sandesh says:

    finally I found xp theme black (its almost like that…..)
    thanks buddy……
    thax alot

  54. Ryan says:

    I did not find in my prperties (appearance)do you have to donload it? Please help me!!!!!!!!

  55. Jack says:

    I am only 18 and my father said “Don’t download anymore crap cause if you want ask me.” so thank you for the link J*.

  56. Hanz says:

    Worked great, looks even better!!

  57. WOH says:

    iT looks amazing… it worked perfectly for me Thank you so much!

  58. paul says:

    thanx it’s nice but do you have nicer one’s

  59. su says:

    Wow! O_o I like this

    Many thank.

  60. shrivathsa says:

    its really cool but no wallpaper

  61. pranesh says:

    what a magnifcent & wonderful theme

  62. Hamza Zafar Khan says:

    its tooo good and very very nice i dont have words to write its to to to tot to good

  63. Vadym says:

    Very,very nice!!!!!Thank you!!!!!Prikolnaya tema.Ya tar4u!Ura…..

  64. Kaveen says:

    super.I like it

  65. AR says:

    Black is not available in the drop down bar. Does anyone else have this problem?

  66. ines says:

    thank you very much, you rock:)

  67. rhys says:

    hey mate cheers!! i was so sick of the shity olive silver and blue lol thanx

  68. M says:

    This theme is just a shit zats all
    just fuck it

  69. Rue says:

    The are all beatiful.I like them

  70. Rue says:

    I like itlike my own its awful check it out u wont regret

  71. Arun Agarwal says:

    i m usng the royal noir theme….

    a great thanks to u….

    culd u give me a wallpaper that would look nice too

  72. Real says:

    This is realy Good theme

  73. dcoi_wot says:

    nice one been waiting for this… your the man!!!!

  74. Ano says:

    Well only one problem is that the start button when it’s black has a bit of emm…. dunno how to explain not a good looking feature, cause I mean when u click the colors of the borders are ok, but before clicking it looks strange, but overall very nais :D

  75. Gautham says:

    It’s beautiful man . thanks a lot …. works perfectly 10000000000%

  76. husayn says:

    Thanks so much! This is awesome!

  77. Gankutsugo says:

    Te Mando Gracias Desde Argentina , Funciona al 100%

  78. Yakshakrishna says:

    Cool. Awesome. Really appreacite this.

  79. Bhor says:

    Big thx! … really lov tis theme!

  80. Shmikes says:

    Great work :) using it now.. very cool :)

  81. charlie says:

    really cool themes. Thanx!

  82. Sickness says:

    Worked great the first time, thank you much appreciated

  83. tookewltim says:

    thank you very much for this theme
    it is perfect

  84. Jezabel says:

    you have no idea how much i love rigth now

    thank you!!

  85. Freeman says:

    I only got the blue royale theme..
    the royale noir is not there..

  86. Luis says:

    This thing really worked its awesome and
    ive tried to download vista look alike software but htis one is fast its safe and its really easy to download

  87. Adam says:

    Thank you so much, very simple to get working.

  88. Felix says:

    this theme is awesome and very easy to install

  89. ivoj7 says:

    hey tnx
    simple yet cool
    it worked! ^_^

  90. sivakumar says:

    Thank you for sharing,,.It looks gr8

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