Nokia 6300 iSync Plugin (Snow Leopard Compatible)

Nokia 6300 plugin

Here is a freely available plugin to make the Nokia 6300 work using iSync, and it is actually fairly easy to make a such plugin, which encompass the solution described in my previous post on the Nokia 6300 iSync issue.

Here is what to do:

  1. Download the Nokia 6300 iSync plugin
    “UPDATED 28MAY2008”
  2. Extract the (your browser might do it for you).
  3. Quit iSync if its running
  4. Double click the Nokia 6300 Plugin
  5. Drag and drop the green folder on the blue one

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  1. Install Guide
  2. Start iSync, and the Nokia 6300 should be supported

Additional notes and issues:

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257 Responses to Nokia 6300 iSync Plugin (Snow Leopard Compatible)

  1. Alex says:

    iSync tells me the the plugin version is not compatible. I have iSync 2.4

    Damn it.

    Any hints?

  2. Fransy says:

    I’m using the iSync version 2.4 too, but it works with no compatibility problems…

  3. Alex says:

    any ideas what i could have done wrong?

  4. Erik says:

    I’ve used the plug-in and previously the modified .plist file for synchronizing my Nokia 6300 and iCal. Both of the work fine, but for contacts only. iCal, in its turn, is synchronizes with Google Calendar. When I use iSync, i can see the calendars, but I cannot check the check-box; a window saying that I must start iCal to synchronize. When i do, I still can’t sync. I can see the calendars in iSync, but they are greyed out. I guess there is a setting somewhere that has to be changed. Any suggestions?

  5. Conrad says:

    Tak tak tak. Fantastisk.

    Kan dog ikke lige få mine telefonnumre overført fra telefonen til min adressebog. Har du oplevet dette?

  6. @Condrad

    When I purchased the phone I had all of my contacts in the Address Book, which I synchronized to the phone. Later I added more contacts on the phone that also synchronize into the Address Book, so both ways it seems to work for me.

  7. Xabiso says:

    Hi guys do realise that this a a Nokia 6300 comment session on the plug-in, but I was hoping someone could me out. I have a Sony Ericsson W880i and it proving damn near impossible to find a plug that works efficiently. What I mean by that, is that It will also sync my calendar too. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Conrad says:

    I worked it out. Isync only sync the contacts you have on the phone and not on the sim-card. So I just copied the contacts from the sim-card to the phone and volia it worked.

  9. Great! Thanks for sharing your solution to the problem.

  10. chris French says:

    have copied the files to my user folder and in library and put in the phone plug floder in but still no joy says “Nokia 6300 not supported by isync”i have updated to ther lastet OSx any ideas

  11. James says:

    I followed your instructions and it worked a treat !

    Cheers Digger.

    Another happy Aussie from down under.

  12. Jeremy Lee says:

    I have a problem since purchasing thi smobile phone from day one.
    I have included the plugin and it seems to read the correct phone. But when it has added the device, on the isync it is still read as unknown.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks guys!

  13. HP says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to sync contact pictures with this plugin / phone?

  14. nick tadd says:

    thank you, fantastic…can you do one for HTC S620?

  15. Julien LEROY says:

    Thanks a lot for your tips. It works perfectly and it is very useful. If you have others tips like this one, please send me an email.

  16. Ned says:

    Praise be!
    Thankyou for creating such a wonderful, easy to use piece of software.

  17. elias says:

    can somebody tell me WHY my most wanted nokia 6300
    was damaged even from the first minute that i open
    the box and after sent it for repairs again i have
    problems , it is not reading the microcard, no games
    included, original battery ”failed” after three telecons….. WHY

  18. MAC7 says:

    Sorry, but the plugin don’t work on my mac. Not compatible version (os 10.4.10, isync 2.4)

    i have changed metaclass list, install plug, but the phone is alway unknow.




  19. Morten says:

    I have triede to download the 6280 on the nokia website but cannot do that. where can I download the software so I can use my cool mobile with my PB 12″

  20. Barth.wahlen says:

    Thanks very much, worked perfect. Even includes phone icon.

  21. ronald says:

    thx dude.
    just the plugin i needed right now. i love the internet.

  22. Chris says:

    Same problem here. Hope someone can help.

    The following plug-in does not work with this version of isync.


    I am using 2.4 isync as well, all up to date powerbook.

    any help?

  23. Sham says:

    @ Chris

    I had the same issue as you did.
    To fix, I deleted the previously recommended fix that I installed, including the image of the phone and the script inserted to the MetaClasses.plist file.

    I then followed the instruction on this page and my phone sync’d perfectly! Make sure to pair your phone and computer as well.

    @ Klaus

    Thanks for taking the time to post this fix!

  24. eckndu says:

    Thanks!! works fine on the latest macbook and osx!!

  25. chris says:

    Thanks Klaus!

    That did it. Forgot to PAIR the computer with my new phone.

    Question though. Opening up the contacts on the phone, the “details”, I see a phone number, and also, every contact has a small little icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pin in it, next to it, each one as the same code, X-IRMC-LUID: 00020000001B.

    Know what this is? Again, it is just below the contact details (phone, fax, emails, etc.). Every contact has this code with it, exact same. Can I erase this?


    Thanks again.

  26. micmee says:

    I’m considering purchasing a Nokia 6300.

    Can I use the USB to connect my iBook, PPC, Tiger (no Bluetooth) to the web?


  27. Peter says:

    If I have whole-day events in iCal they appear to be events from 14:00-14:00 on my 6300 when i sync them. Is there a fix for that?

  28. Matt D says:

    Thanks for the tip, I used the edit described prior to the fix, wonderful. But how do I get my photos from my phone to my mac? Any advice greatly appreciated.

  29. m.e. says:

    I got it working with the latest plugin!

    Is it possible to copy the phones contacts to my Address Book on the Mac?

    Thanks in advance.

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  31. AT says:

    I have 6300 plugin working with OSX10.4.10. Contacts sync fine, ical syncs but phone calendar and ical are not same! Some ical entries are a day later on 6300.

    Any suggestions, please?

    Many thanks

  32. diotav87 says:

    Works perfect! Thank you.. :)

  33. Just updated the article, and made some changes to the plugin; added a new phone icon and made the installation even more straightforward.

  34. LH says:

    It worked like a charm for me.

    What do you think of adding the Contact’s photos synchronization ?


  35. brown bear says:

    Worked great, thanks!

  36. Hi.
    Is the 6300 fully compatible with Address Book, including pictures?
    Also, is the 6300 keeping passed iCal information or is there any limitation with iCal?
    PS. Sony phones only keeps 2 weeks caledar and then delete older information on next sync…

  37. LH says:


    Address book is perfectly sync’ed except contact’s photos.
    iCal is perfectly sync’ed from 1 month before to 1 year after the present day.
    There’s only a bug with full-day events that are considered as 14h to 14h events ; and my birthday automatic calendar is not working well (miss some birthdays, don’t know why yet ; Klaus, if you hear me…)

  38. Anders Jylling Kjældgaard says:

    I can’t get this to work. Everytime i try syncing it tells me:

    “Der opstod en uventet fejl. Synkronisering af Nokia 6300 mislykkedes.”

    What to do, Klaus?

  39. thomas Claes says:


    I gotta give it to you, this application may not be perfect but I sure as hell appreciate the fact that you made one that syncs my contacts, that’s really the most important factor anyways.

    Thus thanks,


  40. Jeanne says:

    Hi. The plugin works but I’m wondering why nobody ever puts the option to let you synchronize all of your calendar events. It will only sync up to a month prior to the date that you’re syncing. I have an N70 that lets me do that but with the 6300 there’s no option to deselect the “Do not sync events prior to:____” and it only goes as far as one month.

  41. @Jeanne

    I have made some changes to the plugin that opens the option in iSync to enable and disable the time frame of the synchronization.

  42. A like plugin for the Nokia 5300 is available here.

  43. ben says:

    hey man – this is brilliant. many thanks for making my life a lot easier.

  44. Mikhail says:

    It’s work))))

  45. Christian says:

    Thanks for the plugin. It works great for the contacts but when I click “Calendars” I get a message asking me to open iCal. Even though I click “Open iCal”, the Calendars option is not checked off. Everytime I try clicking it, I get the same message asking me to open iCal. I have tried adding new events in iCal, re-pairing my 6300, de-activating and reactivating all settings, did a disk utility repair permissions, rebooted but same issue. I’m using iSync Version 2.4 (501.2). Any ideas?

    This is the same problem posted by Erik by the way.

  46. Christian says:

    Ok. Got it to work. It turns out that iSync will not sync iCal if it only has Birthdays. I created a test group with a test event and it allowed me to sync everything.

  47. Vanessa says:

    I’ve downloaded the nokia plug-in, bluetooth is on and my phone is paired with the mac but i synch can’t seem to find the phone when I scan for it? Have I missed something?!


  48. peter says:

    Is this working with OS X 10.4.10? Isync finds nothing. I can’t get it right. Or is it a USB problem? Don’t have bluetooth. Or perhaps a phone issue. My 6300 was bought in china and manual is in strange characters. I really just want to sync my contacts.

  49. Rums says:

    Great plugin!

    However, any chance for contact photo syncing please?!? Any way that it can be ‘scraped’ from a Series 60 plugin and shoe-horned into this one?


  50. Rums says:

    I’ve gotten it working! Sorry to hijack the thread here Klaus, but there were a few people looking for it including myself. Feel free to add the changes to your own plugin.

    For those of you looking to get your contact photos and birthdays syncing properly, please read my post here:

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  52. @Rums –

    Great work, I might update the plugin available on this page. However, I tried your modified branch of the plugin, and it makes iSync pretty unstable due to the many errors caused by the image compatibility problems. If an error occurs it might cause all contacts to be duplicated, so it quite troublesome to make it work – lots of cleaning up and starting over again.

  53. Rums says:

    Thanks Klaus. You are correct — the photo-syncing certainly does add a level of instability and even with my meager number of entries (60’ish) it took a bit of time to get it ‘stable’. However, once I identified the problems and that bit of prep work was taken care of, it’s been quite good (I did about two-dozen test syncs with contact changes on both ends, photo changes, birthdays, etc., both from a clean phone contact list and a true two-way sync)

    I wonder if the other truly-supported phones have the same issues and if not, what iSync does to prevent the complete failures of bad photos. I may do some more digging around in the plist files to see if I lower certain constraints on acceptable images. I’d prefer to see an error message saying ‘User JSmith has bad data — couldn’t sync that contact’ than the general non-specific error.

    If I were you, perhaps offer both versions, and offering mine with a big caveat. Yours certainly is stable, but if you want those pretty photos (which is quite nice to have, btw) you have to do some work and take some risk.

    At the very least, you should be able to add in the birthday info to your plugin without any problems. Maybe. :-)

  54. Jeffoule says:


  55. Edo says:

    Works fine with contacts but the fact that birthdays are transformed to 12:00-12:00 meetings is rather bad …..

  56. Simon Shaw says:

    Many thanks – works perfectly. Top tip!

  57. mrdr says:

    Everything syncs perfectly, except that events show up two hour early in the calendar on the phone, i.e. 14.00 on the mac becomes 12.00 on the phone,
    even though they are both set to the same timezone. Any solutions?

  58. Christian Warburg says:

    Hi, the plug-in seems to be working. However the Isync doesnt sync the time right. For example if I have an appoinment fra 10:00 to 14:00 in my Ical, it is sync’ed on my phone as 8:00 to 12:00

    Why is that?

    Best regards Christian

  59. Phil says:

    Hi, Klaus.

    I’m using your plugin and am really happy that you made this fantastic work. Two questions still remained when I tried out different things:

    1. Is it possible to circumvent the all-day events bug by setting the time from 14:00-14:00 to maybe 23:59-23:-59? This way they would show up all day on my screen (active standby). Otherwise they are hidden after 14:00 and I often happend to forget them :(

    2. Why are all my meetings shifted to be two hours earlier? I just updated to your latest version on this site and encoutered this problem. Before that I was using that “new version” circulating on the net and didn’t have this problem.

    Anyway – I’m still very grateful for your work!!!

  60. Rene S says:

    Great, after searching for a plugin suitable for Nokia 6300 this works great.

  61. Chris Stolk says:

    Hello all,

    I have the same problem as Phil, Christian Warburg and mrdr.
    Contacts are synced fine.

    Events appear in the calendar two hours earlier (time shift of two hours). Maybe this is something with the time zone, since I am in GMT +2 (I am in The Netherlands, so +1, this makes +2 with daylight savings time).

    Hope that somebody can solve this issue!

  62. Björn Elias says:

    Hi, I experience the same problem as Chris, Phil and Christian. All events from iCal are two hours to early on the phone (08:00 becomes 06:00 at the nokia 6300). I’m in the GMT+1 and daylight savings. But this does not equal to GMT+2!

  63. eckndu says:

    i have that problem too. im in -5 zone (new york). an 1:15pm event become a 5.15pm event. can i still get any old version? thanks

  64. erka says:

    Hello eckndu. Try turn on time zone support in iCal (Preference/Advanced).

  65. kahler says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve also got the calender time problem with my Nokia 6300 and iCal.
    I already did activate the time zone support in iCal but I didn’t do any change. I also tried to set all my events to my time zone (Europe/Berlin) instead of “floating” but this didn’t do any change either.
    I would apreciate any thoughts on this.



  66. Richard says:

    Great. Works really well and easily.

    The only blip is the same calendar problem. My appointments on the phone are one hour earlier than in ical. I am in Italy at GMT+1. I activated time zone support too, but to no avail.

  67. Dimo says:


    First let me say thanks for this plugin! :)

    But I would like to second the posts of others about the time problem. I too noticed that being in +2 GMT and then setting iCal timezone to Europe/Stockholm and the phone to +2 GMT, all events are still 2 hours off.



  68. Phil says:

    Hi, Guys.

    As many of you seem to have the same problem than I have, I’m posting the link where I found the previous version of this plugin. Replaceing the new version against this one solved my time issue…

    Can’t tell which features are missing – but I didn’t find any drawbacks.

    Enjoy using iSync with this version until we get a new update,

  69. kahler says:

    Thanks Phil.

    This Plugin works fine for me. The timezone of an event has to be set to “floating” (or whaever the correct english term is) and the times will be synced correctly.

    We will see which features are misssing. Maybe there will be a fixed version of the newer plugin (hopefully).

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  71. Maki says:

    For all of you who are having issues with Calendar event hours sync’d incorrectly from iCal -> 6300, I think can be corrected by modifying the following setting:

    Inside the following file:

    It the setting has the value of true, then my calendar events appear a GMT time difference on my handset, but only if the event was created in iCal (it’s always fine when created on the handset). You can avoid this by either creating the event as belonging to a “floating” time zone in iCal (possibly need to enable Time zone support first in Advanced prefs).. or by modifying this setting.


  72. Hallo all!

    It has been a while since I have made comment on my blog, the reason is that I have been very busy due to a new job.

    However, it seems that many have had a synchronization problem, and Maki is absolutely right, the hasTimeZone should be set to false in order to avoid events being shifted hours earlier. I made some changes in the plugin a while ago, and must have changed the hasTimeZone setting at this occasion — I’m sorry this has caused problems.

    The plugins on this page are now updated, and the hasTimeZone is adjusted in both versions availablenote that the version including contact photo support is still unstable as mentioned in this comment

  73. kahler says:

    The new version seems to work fine for me.
    I will come back and report my long term experience in a few weeks.

  74. skyxs says:

    hi klaus,
    phone plugin dont work,
    but the solution with the metaclass.plist is fine.
    thanks for your work and greetings!!

  75. gash says:

    Many thanks Klaus and well done.
    Plugin worked fine. I had a problem with a previous isync library installed in my user library, not the main library, when I deleted this it all worked just fine.
    Thanks again

  76. phil says:

    unfortunately mine doesn’t work…. at 14% isync hangs and after some sec. I get an error. during that time my mobile (6300) looks like it is restarting or something… screen goes totaly white and after I get the error message on isync, normal screen is back on my mobile… is it maybe because my firmware is 5.00 on my 6300? thanks for any help

  77. peter Winding says:

    Thanks klaus. It´s just perfect.
    works flawlessly on the macbook.

  78. kahler says:

    @Phil: Your software version could cause the problem.
    My phone is running version 4.70.

  79. Robert from PL says:

    Worked great, thanks!

  80. Linton says:

    Perfect – thanks so much. Couldn’t be easier. Apple should offering this.

  81. Chacks says:

    I download the plugin, extarct it but my computer doesn’t recognize the blue folder it’s read as a unix executable file,???????
    is anyhing there I could do?

    Please Help!

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  83. Jo says:

    Seems to have worked a treat… Many thanks :)

  84. kahler says:

    I’m using the Plugin quite regularly now and it works fine for me.
    Well done Klaus!!

  85. passij says:

    Thank you Klaus for this great PlugIn!

    Two things:

    1) Does anyone know why it syncs only one postal address? If I have a private and a business address, only one of them will be synced.

    2) If a birthday in ical falls togehter with an event in ical, only the event will be synced on the phone, the birthday is missing.

    Is there a solution?

    Thanks in advance!

  86. Thank you kindly sir… You have saved me a lot of stuffing around :-)


  87. Lee Johnstone says:

    Im having the same problem phil wrote about on the 4th October and mine hangs also. Ive got version 5 of the phone software (star hash zero zero zero zero hash) and it hangs

  88. Jordan says:

    Anyone know if this works with Leopard yet?

  89. Keith Laker says:

    Hi – your plug in for Nokia 6300 worked superbly under Tiger and was really appreciated. Do you have plans to release a Leopard compatible version soon? This would restore my ability to sync! Thanks.

  90. Niesje says:

    Worked fine for me!!

  91. Goive says:

    thank you so much for this, this is such a good thing to have done, it’s so strange that apple doesn’t support this phone…

  92. Daniel says:

    Thanks! It works perfectly with Leopard and the icon looks great.

  93. Dan says:

    Worked great under Leopard – thank you.

  94. Ken says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! Really appreciate this plug-in. Simple to use and it works perfect.

  95. Erwin says:

    It works perfectly – thank you!

  96. Alan Wong says:

    Thanks, you’re a lifesaver! Like the others, it didn’t work initially because I forgot to PAIR the Nokia 6300 to the MacBook…..duh!

  97. Rachel says:

    100% Leopard compatible. Effortless installation and smooth synchronisation. Thanks very much!

  98. Chintan says:

    Thanks a lot!! Works perfect!!

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