How to iSync a Nokia 6300 on Mac OS X

Nokia 6300




The Nokia 6300 do not appear in the list of supported phones for the iSync application in Mac OS X. Nokia has neither made a plug-in available yet, but it is possible relatively easy to make the iSync work. Here is at short guide to make it work:

  1. Make sure iSync is not running.
  2. Locate the iSync application in the Applications folder, and select Show Package Contents.
  3. Locate the MetaClasses.plist file at this path: Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > PlugIns > PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources.
  4. Back-up the MetaClasses.plist file just to be safe.
  5. Open MetaClasses.plist with a ordinary text editor, e.g. TextMate.
  6. The trick is to find a phone in the XML list with the same operating system as the Nokia 6300 phone, which is the Nokia Series 40, 3rd edition, with Bluetooth and USB. The Nokia 6280 fits this requirement, and the below XML is a copy of the 6280 XML entry with changes to fit the 6300, which should be inserted below the 6280 entry.[ad code=1 align=left]
    		Nokia+Nokia 6300
    		Nokia+Nokia 6300

    Alternative: Copy the 6300 XML from this link

  7. If the USB connection is to be used for the iSync with the Nokia 6300, e.g. if you do not have a bluetooth device on the computer, then change the XML setting from 0x0421/0x045A to 0x0421/0x04F9

  8. Add this phone icon NOK6300.tiff in the same folder as the MetaClasses.plist file. It is important that the file name matches the one in the XML definition.
  9. Now it should work… Save and close the MetaClasses.plist file and start up iSync. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Select Add Device… from the iSync Devices menu. iSync should find your Nokia 6300, and display the icon that you just added.

Additional notes:

– When to the bluetooth connection is setup properly, it’s also easy to put music on the phone. Just select Browse Device… in the dropdown under the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and browse to memory card and drop your music.

– If you are having trouble connecting to the internet via bluetooth using the phone, take a look at this post.

– Nokia has also posted some information about how to connect your Nokia phone to a Mac, and setup iSync. More here…

– The approach is tested and working with the Nokia 5300 with USB connection, view these comments here and here.

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290 Responses to How to iSync a Nokia 6300 on Mac OS X

  1. necz0r says:

    I just got this phone. Thanks a lot for posting this fix!

  2. ClausBorum says:

    Thanx for the fix -;)

  3. Ingenious! Many, many thanks! :)

  4. Chris says:

    Thanx a lot!!

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  6. Frank says:

    Many thanks for this tip, works perfect.
    However, any idea how to use the 6300 as a bluetooth modem to connect the web ?
    Trying with all modem scripts available at TANIWAH.ORG.UK but still couldn’t make it work…

  7. Actually I didn’t have a problem connecting to the web through the Nokia 6300 via bluetooth, it sort of worked out of the box, I think. From my danish phone network operator I retrieved a GPRS configuration for the 6300, and afterwards I use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant in Mac OS and was able to connect.

    So I have not used any additional modem scripts to make it work. However, before my Nokia 6300 I had a SonyEricsson w810i, which I could not trigger to connect via bluetooth. With this phone I also tried the modem scripts at , but like you without any luck. But since it works for me without any extra modem scripts for the Nokia 6300, your problem might be somewhere else.

  8. Frank says:

    Thanks Klaus for your answer, you were more lucky than i was.
    I guess that my operator is not up to date as long as this phone is not listed in its setup wizard, which may be the reason why i still can’t connect.
    Which modem script did you choose in OSX Bluettoth setup assistant ?

  9. I have reviewed how I did the setup, it’s posted here.

  10. Declan says:

    This looks really useful. However when I open the ‘show package contents’ all of the folders including ‘plugins’ are empty, so i cannot locate the MetaClasses.plist file. Any idea why? Thanks.

  11. nick rich says:

    For me this doesn’t work 100%. The calander does but when syncing contacts it gets to “sending data 4/10” and the phone aborts the sync. I have tried removing one contact near the begining to see if this made a difference. Any ideas?


  12. @ Declan

    The folders should not be empty – is iSync otherwise working? – Try to reinstall it…

    @ nick rich

    Don’t you receive a more specific error message, when the sync is aborted?

  13. Garret says:

    Thanks for this, it seems to work perfectly. Syncing my phone and PB via Bluetooth is very useful and this tip has enabled me to do that.

    I found that when I cut and pasted the XML from this your post into the .plist file, it would only work if I left NO spaces (line breaks) between the tags.

    Thanks again,

  14. sean says:

    Klaus – thank you very much, it worked a treat with my iMac 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo on OS10.4.8.

    My only very minor comment is that when I pasted in your XML it appeared with the first line indented. I deleted the indent, and all worked perfectly.

    My other comment relates only to the 6300 – just out of interest, I think the new voice tag system is ridiculous. In order to make it work, you have to imitate the phone’s own voice and speak like a dalek! Even then it comes up with some very bizarre ‘matches’! The old system was much better, when it recorded my own version of how I wanted it to sound. Oh well, we can’t have everything I suppose.

    Anyway – thanks again – a brilliant piece of work.


  15. Apparently, there are some issues regarding to copy/paste directly from the blog entry, I have now posted the Nokia 6300 XML in a separate txt file.

  16. Andrew says:

    I love the 6300 but was disappointed I couldn’t sync. Easy to implement. Great fix.


  17. Works great! Thought it was able to sync by it self… Both calendar and contact are updated!

  18. Oliver says:

    Great patch, thanks!

    One minor query – when you sync iCal events, it copies the event name, location and time across to the 6300’s calendar fine, but not the event’s notes. Does anyone know if it’s possible to sync the event’s notes too?

    Thanks again.

  19. Krette says:

    Fandme lække

  20. Luke says:

    Work’s great, Great job!

  21. Alex Rodger says:

    Fantastic, great solution. thanx very much indeed.

  22. nick rich says:

    Hi Klaus

    In answer to your question, I dont get any message at all the screen goes white and the phone appears to do a mini reboot. I have triple checked your solution i’m guessing it must be some data that isn’t syncing correctly, perhaps a field length mis-match?

  23. Jack says:

    Would the modification be affected after a software update for iSync?
    Thanks in advance :)

  24. Alastair says:

    Great patch but for one thing!

    When i run isync the phone (which has no current contacts) tries to send the contacts first and then isync wants to delete my contacts on my address book!

    Any suggestions as to how to get my contacts from address book onto the phone?



  25. @ Alastair

    At the first iSync it should be possible to change the option on how to merge data between the computer and the phone, as shown in this image, the option is set to “merge data on computer and device”.

  26. Adam Teale says:

    Worked perfectly!

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  28. John Noble says:

    Another thank you from a new 6300 owner. Magic.

  29. Guip says:

    Thanks a lot for your tips.

  30. Joe Kirschling says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  31. On my system (10.4.9) the folder Contents > PlugIns under iSync is empty.

    Anyone had this problem, too? Is there a solution?

  32. Rasmus says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for writing this guide :)

  33. Will says:

    Thanks – this works nicely.

    Noticed you have to be careful pasting in, even from the separate file – get the indents right in Textedit!

    But great, thanks

  34. Jonny says:

    After I have applied your suggested changes all works well…

    However, if I have more than one calendar in iCal e.g. home, work, holidays, birthdays etc and these are selected in iSync I notice that only my home calendar copies to the 6300.

    Any tips please? Otherwise this is a great plugin.


  35. Toby says:

    Just got the phone and found out the isync didn’t work. Your patch is sooooo great!!!! Thank you so much!

  36. Kat - Cph says:

    This is fantastic (intet mindre).

    It is was eeeeaaaaasy too.

    Af hjertet tak1

  37. chooey says:

    woo hoo!
    works great!


  38. Piet says:

    I’ve tried to modify your recipe to work with a Nokia 5300 over the USB connection (have no Bluetooth on my old Cube), but so far without success. The parameters you describe for USB-connections – 0×0421/0×04F9 – could they be model dependent so that another value should be substituted? The 5300 runs Series 40 3edition just like the 6300.

  39. Raf says:

    Worked like a charm for me!

    Thanks a lot!

  40. Raf says:

    Worked super for me!



  41. Isaac Aloysius says:

    Hi. I’ve tried the method with a 5300 but it did not work. =( Could u kindly revise a method for 5300 MusicXpress. Thanx.

  42. FDS says:

    Icould not find the file MetaClases.plist on the referred file or elsewhere. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  43. @ Piet (and maybe Isaac Aloysius)

    The XML setting is most likely to be model dependent, but I do not have a Nokia 5300, and is therefore not able to obtain the specific value. However, when I connect my Nokia 6300 to the Mac using USB connection, I’m able to locate the value using the System Profiler utility, as shown in this screenshot.

    You should be able to find the same vendor ID (0×0421) and another product/model ID.

  44. Jimmy Forsman says:

    Fan så bra, är evigt tacksam!

  45. Piet says:

    Product ID for a 5300 is 0x04b9. I still can’t get this to work but as the phone will not connect to a Windows PC using Nokias software, I suspect there is a general problem with at least my phone.

  46. arnaud from paris says:

    merci beaucoup et BRAVO Klaus,
    ça marche !!
    Best regards

  47. LP says:


    Thank you very much!

  48. Jamal says:

    Is there any way to sync my d500 with iSync? can i do it trough this way, or is there an other?,

    p.s. also would like to instal java(.jad and .jar) files via my mac, bluetooth. is any one knows how to, plz reply

    thanx in advantage

    (samsung D500 and iMac g5(osx 10.4.9) user located in the Netherlands)

    plz reply here or send me an e-mail to

  49. Piet says:

    Update: I now have the 5300 working over the USB connection. It turns out that the ID key is differing depending on the mode you choose. In data storage mode it is 0x04b9, but in Nokia mode, which is the mode you use when syncronizing, the ID is 0x04b8. Use this and iSync should be able to connect to the 5300 over USB.

  50. Ashour says:

    Thanks… works like a charm! I was about to return this lovely phone until I saw this tutorial.

  51. pranav Patel says:

    i have copied your txt files , placed the tiff and also tabbed them to match the order.. still get an error msg.. help please..

  52. adrian says:

    great…. thank you, great job

  53. Charlotte Horn says:

    I seem to be having problems when saving the new XML file with the icon – it prompts me to save in documents – is this correct? If not where should I be saving this? And with what name?

    from a not very teccy minded person….!

    Really appreciate your help.

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  56. Phil says:

    You are a life saver.

  57. Richard says:

    Legendary! Worked first time – thanks for the clear and concise directions!

  58. Maurice says:

    This is a great fix, thank you!

  59. vince says:

    I just say : Thank You

  60. LP says:

    Hi, Klaus and everyone!

    Thanks again for this!

    I was just thinking that does anyone else have this little problem that for exaple if I have scheduled something (in iCal) for tomorrow at 11 a clock, after syncing with my phone it shows (in my 6300) that i have scheduled something for tomorrow at 10 a clock… so it moves every appointment to one hour earlier… weird… well at least i’m not gonna be late from my meetings =)


  61. Pancho cerda says:

    Thank very much indeed. It was a greatful experience operate de heart of my Mac, being a psychologyst.

    Good luck, from Chile.

  62. nasos says:

    Hello to all !

    I have done the first step but in my contents there are no plugins !

    any ideas ???

    thank you very much


  63. Lynn says:

    Great, thanks a lot !
    Poeple like you make our life much easier
    especially if you are not a compi-hero!

  64. nasos says:

    i think am proapably going through a blonde phase in my life !

    No offence to all blondes out there !

    tried this as well … but due that i am not an IT person at all … can you please expalin it to me bit further ?

    thanks a lot !

    I only managed to import my contacts from address book on mac to nokia and thats about it !

    Thank you

  65. @nasos

    The reason why you can’t sync contacts from the phone to your mac might be because the contacts are located on your SIM card. Try to copy the contacts into the phones memory and sync again.

  66. al says:

    my PowerBook G4 runs Mac OS X 10.4.5
    In XML list, I couldn’t find Nokia 6280 , ie a phone with Nokia Series 40, 3rd edition, with Bluetooth and USB.

    What is did is I copied the 6300 XML code, and inserted it below the last Nokia phone entry (for me the last one was) and before the list of Panasonic phones starts. Also added the .tiff to the same folder. But, unfortunately it didn’t work .. What should I tweak do to make it iSync?


  67. Søren says:


    Jeg har lige fulgt dit forløb for at få Nokia 6300 til at fungere med iSync.. Men uden held..

    Min iSync starter op og siger at “i40series.phoneplugin” ikke virker..

    Hvad gør jeg?

    På forhånd tak!

  68. al says:

    hello, Klaus
    I tried the iSync plugin you’ve suggested ..
    no luck again :(

    i recalled the first time ever i tried the iSync plugin, it did found 6300 device to be added, however i accidentally didn’t click twice :(
    the second time around i tried , it did not locate the 6300 .. and eversince this plugin brings no luck …

    what else can you suggest ?

  69. air says:

    you rock!

    and thanks Piet for the 5300 info, you rock too!

  70. Jose says:


    I already did what you say regarding posting the txt file, i restart the machine, open up isync and it appears that its not compatible.

    Could you please help me!!!! thanks a lot in advance….

  71. Joe says:

    wonderful, thank you so much, I felt full of confidence going through the steps you described and it worked perfectly.

  72. Fabien says:

    super well done. this is so useful. if all the computer tips were as useful it would work much much better ;-)

  73. Christopher says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Would it be possible for you to send me your ENTIRE metaclasses.plist, WITH the 6300 XML???? I am most positive that I altered my metaclasses.plist to the point that is not fixable. I got a bit confused with indentations and spaces that others had said were problems.

    I think that I can just use your ENTIRE .plist and copy and paste it over mine. Still having issues here.



  74. Steji says:

    Does not work with my 5300 :(. I’ve changed the product ID with 0x04b8 and I’ve tried on two different Macs (iMac 20 & G5) and iSync still says “No device found”. Displays only .Mac icon.

  75. Lastras says:

    Whoehoe! Long live people that come up with these things. It works great, except that the contacts in my phone that are not on my mac get deleted when I sync.

  76. loss says:

    I just tried it with the Nokia 5300! Instead of 6300 in the XML File just add 5300. iSync works fine with the new edited xml file. Thanks a lot!

  77. jef says:

    I’m trying this for my 6085, which I’d like to connect via USB (no bluethoot installed on my iBook G4) and cannot make it work. The prod ID is 0x04b5 and I’ve also tried 0x04b4, since I whant it to work in Nokia mode. Any clues?
    Thanks, and a big bravo for your work!

  78. Drew says:

    Utter genius!

    Charged the new phone and immediatley tried to sync it with my Mac only to find the horrible message of ‘not compatible’

    Your tip is wonderful and just made my new phone one hell of a lot more useful! Thanks for your time and effort!!

  79. trevor says:

    thanks a million for spending the time to do this…i’d been assured that the phone was mac fully compatible & my heart sank when it clearly wasn’t

    your fix had me up and running in two minutes

    thank you


  80. Kim Hellgren says:


    Thansk man, it worked perfectly! I thought i wouldnt be able to sync my contacs from the old phone! Wicked!!

    Peace out

  81. winnie says:

    works perfectly, thanks a lot!


  82. Lasse Øglænd says:

    Thanks a lot ! This phone just got much better, as we wait for iPhone and the real thing !!! Lasse

  83. Robin says:

    Truly amazing. You are a genius. Thank you very much…

  84. Brett says:

    Great Stuff.
    Many thanks.

  85. Gagan Agarwal says:

    I cant understand why ! I am able to isync all events etc to ical, but the contacts will just not synchronise. I use two phones, N73 and the new 6300. N73 works like a dream, but 6300, even after the code, will only sync the ical, but not update the address book. Please explain, what I could be doing wrong.

  86. @ Gagan Agarwal

    Where are your contacts located? the phones memory or the SIM-card? If they are located on the SIM-card, this might be the problem, try to copy from the SIM contacts to the phone.

  87. Gagan Agarwal says:

    they are very much on the phone memory.


  88. @ Gagan

    Okay, then take a look at my previous comment, it might be the option set at the first sync? – else I can’t see what the problem could be??

  89. Gagan Agarwal says:

    The catch is it does not show me this “image” option at all, atleast not now. Do you feel it would help if I remove isync altogether and install a fresh downloaded copy and then install the additional code in there.

    My system gives the message of “Last Synchronised …”



  90. @ Gagan

    First you could try to locate the folder ~/Library/Phones i your home directory, in this folder you could remove the .phone file for the Nokia 6300, and also rewind and restore the changes made by following this guide. Then install the plugin for Nokia 6300, and try again. The option shown at the previous mentioned image should now be available.

  91. vid kini says:

    your the dude man! thanks!

  92. reko says:

    wow you rock !!!

    thumbs up! thanks man,

    works fast, easy and perfect !!!


  93. henrik says:

    Hej Klaus

    Ingen problemer med brug af dit plugin her. Tak for hjælpen – det sparede mig timer. 400 kr. for en ny 6300 fra Telmore + dit plug-in og man er godt kørende i (forhÃ¥bentlig) lang tid… Og sÃ¥ stÃ¥r 6300’eren godt til en MacBook Pro :-)

    Mvh Henrik

  94. Bambino says:

    You’re a genuine life saver. Thank you so much, friend.

  95. Ricky says:

    Thanks for this.

    I have been able to use the same file and substitute all the 6300s with 3110 and now have two of these nokia phones working on two different macs (10.9.10)
    (significantly cheaper phone in nz)
    Fantastic thanks

  96. Casper says:


    Jeg har et problem, da jeg ikke sådan lige umiddelbart kan finde iSync på min MacBook. Er det bare mig, eller er dette program ikke allerede installeret, når man køber sin Mac med tilhørende Mac OS X Tiger?

    Mvh Casper

  97. kunal shingla says:

    I managed to sync my 6300 with this tip but when i synced it, it created double entries for all my contacts and if i try to merge these entries all the cards get double names and phone numbers.
    does anyone has a solution to this?
    please let me know cause without that this isync tip is of no use to me.

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